Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Educational Beliefs

I believe that no matter what we think, every day our students come to school wanting to be loved, learn, succeed, and smile.  I smile at them and tell them it is going to be "great day".

I believe that given a little confidence even those that struggle at times will stop the class or his/her partner and tell them, “I got this… let me try…” One of my favorite memories ever from last year. I know it happens every day in your classes, allow it to happen.

I believe that given the right motivation a group of students will not only work together, but want to share what they are doing, and get so excited about learning that it almost becomes a management issue.  I believe management issues when you are calming students down because they are so excited about learning are okay!

I believe that no matter how difficult the home life of some of our students, the abuses, neglect, trauma, and questioning of whose house they are sleeping in at night or who is feeding them dinner, don't take away from their desire to learn. They still are willing to get dirty with us, in learning, if we allow it, and support it.

I believe that our students just have friends. They see each other differently than we see them. They judge differently without experiences we have had.  They need to be able to continue to think this way as long as possible.

I believe our students are excited to come to school everyday, They even wake themselves up early at times, get their own food, dress themselves, cross streets, and show early. Everything ready to go. Make sure when you show up, you are ready for them.

I believe our students want to read outside, they want to lie on the floor, they want to close their eyes and just think for a minute in a quiet room.  They want the experience of school to be more and better than we could even imagine.  For many it is their everything, let’s make sure we remember that.  

I believe regardless of what their faces show you, they deserve the same patience, respect, and love.  Even if you know all the reasons for their struggles, even if you know the horrible "true" story, this does not change what you believe, just maybe your approach. They should all be pushed and forced to struggle at times, while providing supports to help build their confidence in their academic abilities.  

I believe there are moments in each year when things get tough, you need a break, so you just stick your blue tongue out as my students do at times and... You move on realizing that your beliefs and feelings have not changed, just the way you were looking at your current attitude, needed an adjustment.

I believe they want to be pushed, they want it to be “not too easy”, they really want to just “show us” their work.  Give them many ways to do this, don’t just ask them questions and wait for answers, ask them to show you what they mean with their statements and their problems.  

I believe when I say good bye in the afternoon that they all don't want to leave. Many of them want to stay and do more. The best part is that we are going to do it all over again the next day.

I believe in the power of you, we, us, and them. These are our students, our community, our staff, our supports, and me. I believe we do this every day because of everything I listed as beliefs and so much more... What do you believe to be true no matter what and can never be taken away?

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