Friday, August 12, 2016

Your internal struggle #edubabble

As we struggle to find purpose and meaning
We are constantly talking and questioning

I think our eternal struggle holds us back too much
Voices in our heads tell us "yes" and "no"

I do not feel the same way about life
There seems to be for some a game of strife

I had it worse than you, you don't understand me
Time is spent convincing deaf ears to what you see

Many feel like you need to struggle to succeed
I don't know if I totally agree

I was on the bandwagon, to persevere is the key
Struggle, be knocked down, and get up

Dare to be great and you are courageous
I don't think it is that dangerous

Not to ignore issues or problems you face
Race, gender, family, situations can all leave a bad taste

The biggest struggle is the deals you make with self
Getting past you... to realize your worth

If you can agree and deal with your head
You have an advantage over your life

Just live and know you are never done
Realizing you have never won

Have a passion, drive, stay healthy, and don't give a sh...t
It is that simple and you also have to be legit

The difference is not in the celebration of struggle
Realization is part of forever problems my other #edubabble

We all have our issues, but the largest is our internal voice
Gain an understanding of that, you have chance and a choice

Start by convincing yourself and not some other
Your internal will then be your sister or brother

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