Thursday, September 22, 2016

#GoOpen is not a movement and it is not a "thing".  It is a mindset, not a growth mindset, innovative mindset, or #MONDAY mindset.  It is an open mindset, a mindset that does not care about accolades, does not care about recognition, does not care about name dropping.  It is "here is my stuff, take it, leave it, change it, push it, whatever, but here it is!"

People way smarter than me will figure out how to curate and share this, but without you sharing openly, we have nothing.

It is a mindset that does not care if you are jealous, does not care if you talk about me, and certainly does not care if you critique my work.  It is a mindset that we all should have, a mindset that allows you to be free of perception and truly create your own.  If you are always worried about credit, your image, brand, product, or whatever, you are never #GoOpen.  If you promote yourself over your work, you are never #GoOpen.

#GoOpen is walking over to a lunch table of strange "cool kids," as an awkward freshman in high school, and telling them your life story.  Then sitting down and asking them about theirs.  Chin up, confident, knowing that with true transparency, and openness, comes true conversation and movement.  And if you get punched in that same chin, knowing you will get up and go to the next table with the same story.  You may make a few modifications to avoid being punched again, but the message is the same.  

That is what #GoOpen is at times to me. Sure we can get rid of textbooks, stop worrying about copying things, put things on digital platforms, etc.  But until we are ready to say, "here I am, take me for what I am and then you own it..." You are not #GoOpen.

Hopefully you understand my analogy in this.  If not, I am open to your questions and feedback.

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