Thursday, September 15, 2016

I was asked to write for 8 minutes...

I was asked 2 nights ago to write for 8 minutes about who #cddolphins are... I did not write... I researched my own writing to find 2 blog posts that fit what we were supposed to write about...

I realize now after reading both posts again, that I did this exercise a disservice.  I do feel everything in those 2 posts, but they were from 6 months+ and over a year ago.

I actually probably should redo my 8 minutes of "who WE are". I am setting the timer on my phone and I am writing... NO edits, no corrections after 8 minutes... Here it is:

Who are We? That is so hard!  I start with dismissal.  We are families, mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc. picking up our loved ones!

We are TEC#, but not like what you would expect.  WE incorporate it now 3 years in with purpose, we may not have the greatest test scores, but we can "show" you learning like no other.

Come to Carrie Downie, you will see happy kids learning, creating, loving the process, struggling at times, maybe even shutting down.  But not forever, the staff is so dedicated to reaching every child that tears have been shed by me and others over how we have failed.

We have not the most difficult population in history, but we do more with less, than any other school I have ever been a part of.  We have so many kids and parents wanting to get in it is hard to say "no" to anyone.

We are who we are.  We do everything, every teacher, every educator in the building is everything for every child.  We are #cddolphins not a hashtag, but about 30 educators committed to making a learning experience for kids more than words, text, questions, and tests.  We are allowing "our kids" to create learning and making learning real.  Create a "link" that can be shared with world.

Our audience may be small, but it is a start.  Our mission is to allow, not make, students have a voice that does not stop at 3:25.  They need to think about those projects, assignments, and etc. way past our regular school day. We are creating learners, not regurgitates.  I have 14 seconds, I guess I am done.

I did spell check and grammar check past 8 min. SORRY! Otherwise I stuck to the constraints!

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