Friday, September 16, 2016


Relativity in what you do and who you be
Believe me, what I know is not what I see

Experience, history, and life are unique
Each blink I think and think

How you feel, meshed, with what is in your sight
It is all relative, righteous, not necessarily what is right

At a loss I toss and toss
In my bed at night in a fight

Your ideas and your attention
Are relative to my perception

I find something important and you don't
What does that mean? My will... your won't?

Tell me this is the direction, I tell you stand back
You lack my understanding you never ran my track

Ever go up an escalator and not moved an inch
In a pinch do you cut corners and justify with a wink

Complaints are not mine, what's the pressure?
It lives in every conversation and every gesture

My stance is different than yours
You don't understand me, you've never been on my tour

Relative to your history, your story, and your worries
Experiences are all we have with our memories

Therefore relative to the lens that you apply with emotion
Commotion is a revolution within that moves your perception

What is hard for me is not for you
You lose! You applied you to me

It is relative, not an aunt, uncle, or even a mother
Confession... If it is all relative, why do I even bother?

Because being understood regardless of difference is the goal
Only variance that matters, is if you feel you are not heard at all

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