Sunday, October 9, 2016

What is the difference between now and then?

Pens used to be the only way to say
Station to station you moved information

Touch and delivery, the methods of the day
Conversations and stories were the only way

Opinions and thoughts were farther apart
Never heard and never dropped

Digital advantage has come to stay
Say what you say, the ability to save

Don't need to be present, don't need to be there
Now, where you are, no one cares

Video and recordings change the conversation
How is this changing human evolution?

Actions have not really changed
Movements and growth is still the same

What is different is the reach and speed
Just more to hear and see

This rate of change and information is good
Some argue that conversations are a lost art

Disagree with premise just not as private
Openness reveals ugly truths
Now that all sides have a voice
Social Media is that proof

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