Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Active Vs. Passive OUR country now!

I find it hard to write and think after the election
I also don't want to write another "white guy" reflection

As a matter of fact, I was just going to leave it...
Ashamed that my only post was a parting mention

Then there was a moment at a meeting tonight that made me stop
Strong African American Admin friends admitting their fright

So lucky that I work in a place that not only values diversity in leadership
But I have 12 years of these very important relationships

I did not ask them to write in response to their feelings
It was off the cuff, and not the topic of tonights meeting

So I leave it at this...
They said they will need to do a lot of kneeling
In prayer for this country they hold so near

When something happens that makes a group feel a way
It becomes about that time when you have something to say

It became personal
I became ill

People I respect, have worked with, called my sister and brother
Have had my back as I have had theirs
No matter what, I will be there for them in dark days

This is not for them, this is for you, this is for those
The ones that aren't as lucky as me
Those that have not been able to experience diversity
You have missed the boat, the plane, and the automobile

I know it is hard in leadership, it is hard to put it out there
It is hard to represent all and still find your where

Then you go to what is appropriate? what is politically correct?
I am a principal that represents a school, not my own sect

Does not mean I can't express my opinion or have to stand erect
I think I can stop the conversation that all white people know

I think I can intervene, insert my opinion, try to push
Move the needle face to face, that is how we win
You need to be active in this, no time for passive

Join me in the fight to right the Titanic of our country
Lets search the sea until we find that gold
Our country is new, we are learning, let's not go to sold

I have faith, I have belief undying, but it takes all to be active
Don't be passive in the thoughts of bigotry and ignorance

Take a stance, stand up for what you know is right
No voice right now should be giving up the fight

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