Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How do I answer Questions about "Our Vote"

As soon as I woke up this morning, my son was already awake.
He wanted to know who won the election debate, state by state

I told him Trump as he watched the state ticker
I went back and forth CNN and FOX on the clicker

To hear both sides, to get a clear picture of the divide
Questions followed, answers I gave him true

Then I realized I had another big problem I needed to handle
My students, my staff, myself I needed to dismantle

Realized my role was not to push here in my thoughts
My role here was not to promote

I have thoughts, I have opinions
But that is not my role at work in this decision

At home I push what I want, but in my role at school
I want you to be able to express how you feel

At 8:20 when students came in, they asked me the question
"Who did you vote for?" Even from those that are seven

That was not important, I wanted to know what they felt
I met many of them at the door, as I knew they needed more

They needed me to show them school is school
We love them no matter what, maybe even more

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