Thursday, November 17, 2016

#mannequinchallenge as a learning tool

So sometimes in popular culture you see things that may or may not have an educational connection, but we adopt them anyways.

Minecraft = Yes
Virtual Reality = Yes
Pokemon Go = Probably NO
Running Man Challenge = Absolutely cool, but educational = NO
JuJu on That Beat = Probably not, but also super cool

So at first I saw #mannequinchallenge and thought = What, NO WAY?

Then I started looking closer and thinking, they are starting to really think out these poses!  This is no joke, you had to cycle through all sorts of stuff in your head to settle on the exact pose you chose. For many, you even had to collaborate to make it right!

MMM... Maybe there is something here.  If you are just doing a dance (retrieval), if you are just collecting pieces (comprehension), if you are building (creating), but if you are thinking about something and then doing just ONE pose that means something to you? (metacognition)

Think about that, how could you leverage this in education?

Here are some examples:

  • Setting - Reading a story, have your class recreate the scene as a pose
  • Conflict - Again have your class give their own interpretation of the conflict.
  • Problem/Solution - Half the room is problem, half the room is solution
  • Plot - Could you tell a whole story in one room?
  • Character Development - Can the faces of the class show a characters growth through a story?
  • There are so many more. 
We need to jump on the relevant to make it connect, this is a perfect opportunity.

This is like a breakout box with one lock that is always solved, but answers are individualized and personalized by the participants to explain.  That is powerful! At least in my book if framed correctly with the right tasks for students to explain.

Use these questions as a start:

  • This pose by you was chosen because it made you connect with text or the story for what reason?
  • Why did you choose to pose with that look on your face as it relates to the story?
  • Why did you show an aggressive, passive, or some other body movement in your pose as related to the text?
  • How does your pose fit into the bigger picture of your classmates poses?
  • How did you collaborate to come up with each of your poses?

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  1. Loved your thinking on this blog. I want to see a dolphin mannequin challenge.