Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Redefining Education - I am TOTALLY serious!!!

Please understand that the following is not to be taken seriously
The fact is we as educators make our own work far too messy

I want to redefine and reword education
You seem to do it, I see you, why can't I

Actually I do, guilty as charged, I am no different
Just using this as a joke to think and reflect on all of it

That being said, I move forward with my thoughts
Thinking is the process of Pensive Introspective Application of Deliverance
Or PIAD if you cut it down for\ a need to make it short

I want development to be learning
I want benchmarks to be mastery

I want to call a quiz a formative
I want to call a test a summative

Wait, have these already been done?
So none of this is new, not even one?

I want to distract you with as many acronyms and words to define
That you always feel like you are a step behind

I want to make sure to give you a look when you look confused
Especially if you are right out of college or somewhat new

Makes me feel smart to have a new way to say the same thing
I can then put it in a quote or a program with a spin

Here are a few of my ideas, maybe they will take off
They have been sitting for too long collecting dust on my shelf

Pronounced Mobilized Triggers of Thoughts or PMTT
How else do you introduce students to new ideas as they take their seat?

I want to turn the exit ticket into a back end bookmark of assumption.
BEBA is my entry in the acronym journal already up for submission

The mnemonic device should be a cognitive illusion or Cogill for short.
Don't confuse me with words that have a M and N so tight

A pencil is no longer a pencil, lets sharpen then erase with new
A utensil of reflection, equipment of self assertion, or may just call it double agent number two
You can write and take back, your influence grows as you get smaller
You are easily replaced, But your stance in school will always be first place.

Oh my I go on, I need a Hyper Yet Pinpoint Expression form
Graphic organizer, Acronym HYPE, I have seen the light!

I want to call management in the classroom something different, why not?
Students ability to self-actualize their pre and post decision theory, that sounds about right?

Could I start a program, put together a binder, or sell a book with any of this as my nproof
I just want it to stick, put my name on it, I want the credit. remember this is a spoof

In all seriousness, haven't we gotten a little bit ridiculous with renaming what already has a name?
We all want it to be ours...  just be okay with where you are, keep it simple, keep it real
Keep on working, not overthinking what is already there.
Just make it a little better, try not to confuse, remember our products are a generation of people
A generation, such a big powerful word, should I rename it, no I will leave that one to you.

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