Monday, November 14, 2016

Time Travel

I don't know why I choose to write in this format
dormant until an idea hits swiftly like what I saw with my eyes

A high school senior today, a high school poetry champion
Then a day with the idea of travel, not on a plane, as it unraveled

We do it so much, we plan for future, but what if we could go back
Attack what we did, not what we will do?
That power would be unlimited and so
It leaves me with these thoughts, as I reflect on time travel

But back in time, and do it all again?
What if we could, what if we would, is it something we should?

I may go back to that garage sale in 2002 when I sold that thing
That cost a thousand and I may have gotten a few dimes

I may go back and that day in 99
When I should have studied
But instead I took the test and ran out of time.

Time travel would be so difficult, what moments to choose?
Assuming life would be change forever as I listen to Kendrick Lamar

Not the new album, but the one he did in 2015
Is that time travel? Listening to music? When you had different dreams?

Time travel would be dangerous, because I would change it all
I would always want something to go a little different
I would always want to take advantage of the situation
Is that fair to me, anyone, event, or position

Then I realized, I have a time machine, it is already built
It is what I choose to remember and recollect

It is what I do with experiences, I learned recently to live in the moment
Don't dwell on what happened, plan for future, but don't count on it
Don't get stuck in the muck of thought, don't defeat before you give effort

I would not time travel, I will live, I will do as I see fit
I will not quit, I will not give up, I will not wonder what if or what if not?

Not in the sense of past, not in "what if not", I am happy with my decisions
There are certainly regrets, there are certainly feelings, but I am okay with them

This is my place, where I have put myself
For better or worse

This is not a writing to answer questions, but more to be okay
More to grow and be okay with each day

Not perfect, not even close, trying not to pretend
But sometimes, I feel a victim of my own self

To time travel may fix all, as I pull dates off the shelf
But that is the reset button I am not dealt

If I could just go back 30 minutes and rewrite the beginning?
I send this off as a true stream of thought, maybe with no meaning.

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