Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why do you write, Why do I write, Why should you write

I thought I was a math/science guy in school for the longest time.  I convince myself as most of my friends in high school excelled in these areas.  One was a finance major, the other an architect.  Then I realized, maybe sophomore year in college that I liked writing more.  I liked explaining my ideas with words vs. figuring out complex problems.  I did try my best to be a math/science guy, but I have given up that love and succumb to what I find to be more natural.  By more natural I do not mean accomplished, prolific, but serviceable.  I think I can put an idea down and with some grammatical leniency, the idea can be understood by a second and possibly third person.

All that being said, I write now to separate myself from my thoughts and ideas.  They live in my head, and they need to get out.  I can't keep them all in my head.  If I try to keep them in my head, I get stuck, I feel restricted, and I have this overwhelming sense of not being able to move forward with new thoughts until I get them out.

I have written a few how-to's, a couple "good ideas", and most of my public writing has been my thoughts on an idea, reflection, or trend I see.  I don't write "top ten" or "lists", there are plenty of those, and at this point putting one more list out there seems a waste of time for me.  Besides, my writing is totally selfish, if someone gets something from it, great, but the purpose is strictly for me.  I share my blog to keep me honest in thoughts, but I only write when I feel a sense to write.  I have no schedule, I get paid no more for doing it, it just feels right to me at the moment and I go with it.  I am embarrassed by much I have written, not ashamed embarrassed, but more, "why would anyone care?" embarrassed.  I have realized that is not up to me, that is up to the reader.

I am writing a book or more a manifesto on School Leadership that will never be published (I may put in PDF at some point, if it is ever done?), and a Memoir that will probably never be read.  I also of course write this blog.

I also want to write a Philosophy on Dealing With Life for my kids to read when they are too old for it to help them in any way.  These are all ongoing projects with the Philosophy hopefully to start soon.  Five minutes here, ten minutes there, many times early in the morning.

The whole point being I write to move forward.  I write to have it somewhere.  I write a public blog because it organizes things for me really nicely in chapters of thoughts.  Sometimes I write my frustrations, sometimes I write things that are dark, many times they attempt to be uplifting, and sometimes just thoughts.  Many of these are never published.  I write because it is my meditation, I disconnect, I put things in perspective, I move forward even if it is a reflection.


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