Friday, January 27, 2017

Innovation is the doer not the thinker...

To innovate is not to think
For within a blink your thought
Is forgotten, your power is in doing
Not pretending that your ideas
Are the beginning and the end

Don't pretend that thought is the answer
Work, pen to pencil, to paper to ideas
Innovation is not in thought
But those able to reach the taught

We in the cloud, the white house
Lose sight, doubt the ability of the
mouse, the one that is on the ground
Profound that innovation is the work
The product of collaborative or independent
Typing now the new sound of reimagining

We who think are not innovative
We are nothing more than pushers and fakers
Innovators make it work with all the takers
That is the reach of the teacher

Forget we, the ones that think
That teachers are innovators, they do.
Everyday with every one of their creatures

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