Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Power of the Walk About

Walk About, a term I heard in Korea
From a guy, a New Zealander

He taught with me, and hung out, making we
His thoughts were to clear, the head, and reset

Walk about was the operation 
The goal of today's situation

Visit 23 classes with a mission
15 I made before dismissal

The power of visits with no intention
Recess, breaks, ELA, math, all for revival

Powerful in it is allowing all 
Every student saw...  me today

I say this needs to happen 
More than I have done in recent days

Only to blame myself in reflection
Let myself be tied to a to do list

Resist I must, only answering compliance
Importance yes, but I also must trust

My gut to make sure they all know
For them is why I am here now 

And forever... Just so you know!

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