Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Standing Still

A tree, metal beam, star in the sky
We all try to stand still dressed in black 
Hide and seek at night

Sway and nod, tilt, these are signs
Remind you of inconsistent means

Pencils, pens, diving boards until they bend
Rigid, strong words to describe Churchill and Lincoln

MLK, Ghandi, X, Theresa, others we revere
Stand still, don't sway, don't deviate

Firm in your message
Many sway, including me

Learning I am, practice I need
To speak is to be, to talk is to mend

That is our language, our means
I write, stand, I sway

Hard to talk and be still
Tranquil in stance I think

Over and over as I speak
Retake, I scream

Inner dialogue crushes me
Sweat on forehead beams

Comfort I want and strive
In verbal explanation of a drive

Insurmountable seems to be the dream
Of comfort in standing still 
When I deliver my ideas

Fixed, smooth, stable, image I seek
Image is that of a statue

Power of will
Power of standing still 

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