Monday, February 13, 2017

TImeout! 30 second or a full....

So if you watch basketball, you know coaches have a lot of opportunities to take timeouts.  They also have options, take a 30 second timeout or a full timeout.  A 30 second timeout is just to catch your breath, kill the other team's momentum, or to gather your thoughts.  A full timeout is used for plays, change in system, go to man to man or zone defense, etc...  During a timeout you may need to substitute, may need some water, but in any case all need a chance to breath and refocus.

So here we go again... #edupoetry

Don't forget for yourself and those that lead others
We all need timeouts, sometimes 30, and sometimes a full

Maybe even sometimes an All-Star Break
Or even an off season to regenerate in all

When the pace is uncomfortable, when the baskets don't hit
When your dribble is off, when you don't feel legit

When the cross-over is not so tight
When your vert is not as high as last night

Need that breath, need that water, need that time to sit
Remember Jordan even has a fail commercial
Even his shots did not always hit

That basketball legend, that regular man
The one with six rings, now on 2 hands

As the coach, leader, know when to take that " T "
Know when your job is not equal to what they see

This does not mean time off or stopping the mission
Timeouts are not remission from what you do

But more a slow down, or breath, when needed
A seat on the bench for moment of water and breath

So when you call them or you pause the game
Understand it is not a white flag or surrender

It is a moment of reflection to regenerate our fever
Forever, and ever, we show up as public educators

Back to the fight for "all our kids" those that mean all to us
We are ready, we remain, we invest, we do this, in this we trust!


  1. Always a fan of basketball analogies. Thanks, coach.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the reminder and put in such a unique way!

  3. I like being compared to His Airness :)