Sunday, March 19, 2017

One School Device = All Youtube Accounts

If you have a school device, especially an Android device that works with Youtube nicely and you are a GAFE school, why would you not take the time to put all your kids in the Youtube App. If they want to record, they take device in our case, a Moto 4 and record directly in youtube.  Directly to link that they can then access from chromebook, edit, adjust, cut, etc. 

Below is what I mean.  I am the first two as a teacher.  The bottom three are students.  I could add all 25 and hand it off whenever I needed.  I don't need to record with a chromebook, which is sometimes clunky and with only one camera, not super helpful at times.

I know this is not a comprehensive explanation.  If you need it, I will do a screencast if you don't know how to add accounts or record directly in Youtube.  Just let me know. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why is Basketball... The best metaphor for school?

Sitting here watching the NCAA
Sweet 16 games, always anticipating the final seconds

College kids, freshman, sophomores, etc.
Whatever, their age is not the point

We love the tournament because of cinderella
Slippers, chariots, mid-major, 64 got it right

Whatever you think of the game
It is the one major sport you can practice alone
Soccer, hockey, baseball, football
All need another to make it official

Ability to practice alone is the form
Worn your shoes, worn your hands
You and a ball and a basket all you need
Free to do, when you want to do

Why college? Even the 6'1 guard from Gonzaga
Has a chance against the 6'9 forward from Nova
Practice, practice, practice, is only barometer
Reminder, that together WE are better, but alone we become greater

School is basketball for kids
You can, should, and will practice alone
Come together you will, but shots are you
Time in gym, no help from others

Straight consistent arm, wrist breaking, ball spinning
Legs jumping, off the dribble, between the legs, and cross
Loss of practice, effects the team, effects your growth
Don't forget why basketball sport is the best

Metaphor for school, how do you push the norm?
Combination of greatest and weakest link
Your practice, time, and dedication
Benefits you and the your team game in the gym

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I realize, or better, I know, I think, maybe I dream
Is it all about relationships, but really about communication
No confusion, no more, I dealt in terms of smiles
While those are important and definitely take you miles

It is communication, face to face, online, facial or other
Day after day relationships are the basis, but communication
Communication is the basics, the realistic means for the masses
The mission to connect the one vs. one and the whole with the vision

Forget the communication, to misunderstand is a problem
Standing with a smile, is only seeing miles, without is complication
While all along relying on relation, not thinking words
Meaning and perception, communication is the limitation and liberation

Conversation, contact, connection, articulation, revelation
Reception, annunciation, enunciation, assertion, and declaration
These are all things to consider, like your face when deliveration
Not a word, I know, in delivering this information

Communication is reading, reading the situation
You lose and you win, you hope they understand your perception
You hope your words, your actions, your reactions, your relation
Leads to explanation and realization of your resolution

There is nothing more, that is all we have
Please believe, believe in you, you are more
Regardless of words, communication is trying
To help you realize and match any relation

Thursday, March 2, 2017

When you want to write, but don't know what to say

When you want to write, but you have nothing to say
When you want to write, but you are afraid

When you want to write, but the words just do not come
When you want to write, but before you start you are done

When you want to write and convince people that they are wrong
When you want to write and convince people that we are strong

When you want to write and hope they trust your information
When you want to write and you are anxious they will misinterpret your communication

When you want to write, but you don't... to stay above
When you want to write to show your love

When you want to write, but what are words?
When you want to write, or better show them the work

If they would just come for one day to see what we need
To see what we have, and how we need to maintain this speed

"Our kids" deserve a community together
A community that believes they are the future

We do it as efficiently as we currently know how
We do it, but are not perfect, with your endow

I know it starts with trust, I know it starts with conversations
It starts with showing you over a long duration

I know it does not start with what I want to write
But I do know our future is very bright