Sunday, March 19, 2017

One School Device = All Youtube Accounts

If you have a school device, especially an Android device that works with Youtube nicely and you are a GAFE school, why would you not take the time to put all your kids in the Youtube App. If they want to record, they take device in our case, a Moto 4 and record directly in youtube.  Directly to link that they can then access from chromebook, edit, adjust, cut, etc. 

Below is what I mean.  I am the first two as a teacher.  The bottom three are students.  I could add all 25 and hand it off whenever I needed.  I don't need to record with a chromebook, which is sometimes clunky and with only one camera, not super helpful at times.

I know this is not a comprehensive explanation.  If you need it, I will do a screencast if you don't know how to add accounts or record directly in Youtube.  Just let me know. 

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