Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why is Basketball... The best metaphor for school?

Sitting here watching the NCAA
Sweet 16 games, always anticipating the final seconds

College kids, freshman, sophomores, etc.
Whatever, their age is not the point

We love the tournament because of cinderella
Slippers, chariots, mid-major, 64 got it right

Whatever you think of the game
It is the one major sport you can practice alone
Soccer, hockey, baseball, football
All need another to make it official

Ability to practice alone is the form
Worn your shoes, worn your hands
You and a ball and a basket all you need
Free to do, when you want to do

Why college? Even the 6'1 guard from Gonzaga
Has a chance against the 6'9 forward from Nova
Practice, practice, practice, is only barometer
Reminder, that together WE are better, but alone we become greater

School is basketball for kids
You can, should, and will practice alone
Come together you will, but shots are you
Time in gym, no help from others

Straight consistent arm, wrist breaking, ball spinning
Legs jumping, off the dribble, between the legs, and cross
Loss of practice, effects the team, effects your growth
Don't forget why basketball sport is the best

Metaphor for school, how do you push the norm?
Combination of greatest and weakest link
Your practice, time, and dedication
Benefits you and the your team game in the gym


  1. I agree with your thoughts on PRACTICE, but wrestling is a much better metaphor for school. You practice with the team, (Class) but you wrestle in the meet (take the test, write the paper) by yourself. You can wrestle in a dual meet (group project) or wrestle in a tournament (individual performance).
    All wrestlers practice on their own and do individual drills. Of course, practicing by yourself does not simulate competition, but it does increase your skill set.
    EVERYONE has a chance for success since they are all grouped according to size and the hardest worker is usually the winner. But, you are right, extra work always provides for extra success. Of course, I was watching the NCAA Wrestling Tournament this weekend.

    1. I am with you in individual assessment is like wrestling, but basketball provides both team (5 people) and individual assessment. Your analogy to practicing as a team is still 1v1, just your opponent is your teammate. You could in basketball judge a player on individual stats, free throws, rebounds, steals, etc.

      I don't know my friend, I think basketball is still better analogy for classrooms and school! haha.

      Would love to see feedback.

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