Monday, May 22, 2017

Time is short, but it has been long

Time is short, just eleven more to go
School years are long, in a good way
So make the most of these last few days

On the white board I asked the question
What do you do to keep up the motivation?
Your relationships are set, your class is humming
What are those last few pieces of knowledge
What are those last few things needed before summer

"Our kids" and us have been through a lot this year
Eleven more days and the summer is clear
For many of them this comes with a fear
Remember that as the end draws near

Consistency of school, consistency of stability
Consistency of someone who is there unconditionally

We have laughed, struggled, smiled with high fives
We have made such an impact on their lives

From clubs, to content, from tech, to dancing
#cddolphins have come again with a message
We are a place to grow, we are a place to show
We are a place for "our kids" and those that know

As a leader in the building I am still excited
Even my walk around on a Monday raining
I saw teachers and students animated
Passionate and delighted to be sharing

You are what you are at this moment to whomever is around you
Nothing more and nothing less, make it count and make it worthwhile
These moments are soon to be over, your influence will live on
But your importance to this group will already be defined

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Restaurant Ketchup bottles and Expectations of work... An #edupoetry analogy for free...

I had dinner out last night and ran into my arch nemesis!  A glass bottle of ketchup!  I was intimidated, a little scared, but I persevered and conquered.  It left a little mess on the lip, which I covered up with the metal top.  I thought of how this relates to our attempting to work through our work, both as a leader, and one that has to follow other's lead.  This is meant to make you think, but also be funny...

How does the "old fashion" ketchup bottle and work expectations relate?

Especially when you get a new one, the click of the top when you open.
The excitement of starting new, but realizing there is much to do

The daunting task of getting the good stuff moving
You could jab with a knife, smack it, or shake it side to side

You might try all, you might break a sweat, you might use a bad word
You may ask, "why do restaurants buy these stupid bottle necks?!"

Some questions may have no answers
But you know from experience, you've been here before

There are expectations with any endeavor, isn't as simple as open and pour
The trick is how you get to what you want
How you get the sauce out of that spout!

A pile of red flavor, for your fries and your burger
This is the ultimate goal, when the task is complete

Now enjoy your reward, wipe off the sweat
Another bottle opened... hope the next one is plastic

I plead with said restaurants
I prefer my hard struggle and frustrations
Be saved for my work where I know the expectations

An environment that is challenging and engaging, allowed to create
Where access is not dependent on how hard I hit, jab, or shake 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

What if I had an Iphone in 1996?

What if I had an Iphone in 1996?
There would be no facebook maybe MySpace?
Twitter, distractions... could use a tool without...
Social important... only when using global to move local

I would not have Google contacts attacking my account
I would not be distracted with like this, favorite that
Would not have to create a bio of my most cherished
My "selfie" would be shared with only those in proximity

Maybe I could connect to my PC, my mac, send a fax for immediacy
Not have to worry about connecting with my Alaskan fishing buddy
Wouldn't it be, easy... I could spend time feeling the breezy breeze
My prints would be all over the keys, geez, I could hide
I might have a minute to sneeze, might not need to memorize

What if I had an Iphone in 1996?
First off Tupac, Busta, Rage, and Sublime
Would be my Spotify playlist
With no collaboration, no worrying about followers

I would be able... To stare at my life through a rear view
Put my hands where my eyes could see
Take the power back on the bombrack
Because that is about all... What I got

But in all seriousness a tool without distraction
Email inbox only hitting ridiculous numbers
Not 150+ a day of nuisance to sell me this
I forgot about all that... 1996... if I had an Iphone
I wish at times it could take me back.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

To the #cddolphins educator during Teacher Appreciation Week

To the Carrie Downie educator,

We have shared a story, or ten this year, of times good and bad.  We have had those moments when we don't agree and frustration has gotten the best of you and me.  We have had those moments this year when we want to quit, take a day off.  We have also wanted to celebrate, thank each other and laugh.  You are never appreciated enough.  There are not ample post-it notes, emails, comments, or tweets that I can send out that will ever fill your bucket.  I know I can always do more and you make it look so easy.

I have written before about trust and how I trust you to do the right thing.  I am now thinking about comfort and how I am comfortable every day.  Knowing, from your reading intervention group, to forming a line for transition.  To trying a new game, or approach to begin a lesson.  From the mediation to parent/teacher communication and every thing else in between.  I have a comfort that you will do your work professionally, responsibly, respectfully, with a lot of love and passion.

In the past, I have written, recorded myself, had your students all hug you at one time.  That one year, they recorded one thing they loved about you, and maybe even a few more I can't remember.  This is just a short note, because I know your time is limited, to say that I am comfortable with knowing you are an educator at Carrie Downie.  This comfort is built on trust, not compliance, built on observation, not complacency, built on excitement, not just being satisfied.

So I thank you again this year, during this week, Carrie Downie educator!


P.S. Just remember don't bring a lunch tomorrow, PTA has you covered!

P.S.S. And check the calendar we have a busy month ahead! haha!