Saturday, May 13, 2017

Restaurant Ketchup bottles and Expectations of work... An #edupoetry analogy for free...

I had dinner out last night and ran into my arch nemesis!  A glass bottle of ketchup!  I was intimidated, a little scared, but I persevered and conquered.  It left a little mess on the lip, which I covered up with the metal top.  I thought of how this relates to our attempting to work through our work, both as a leader, and one that has to follow other's lead.  This is meant to make you think, but also be funny...

How does the "old fashion" ketchup bottle and work expectations relate?

Especially when you get a new one, the click of the top when you open.
The excitement of starting new, but realizing there is much to do

The daunting task of getting the good stuff moving
You could jab with a knife, smack it, or shake it side to side

You might try all, you might break a sweat, you might use a bad word
You may ask, "why do restaurants buy these stupid bottle necks?!"

Some questions may have no answers
But you know from experience, you've been here before

There are expectations with any endeavor, isn't as simple as open and pour
The trick is how you get to what you want
How you get the sauce out of that spout!

A pile of red flavor, for your fries and your burger
This is the ultimate goal, when the task is complete

Now enjoy your reward, wipe off the sweat
Another bottle opened... hope the next one is plastic

I plead with said restaurants
I prefer my hard struggle and frustrations
Be saved for my work where I know the expectations

An environment that is challenging and engaging, allowed to create
Where access is not dependent on how hard I hit, jab, or shake 

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