Monday, May 22, 2017

Time is short, but it has been long

Time is short, just eleven more to go
School years are long, in a good way
So make the most of these last few days

On the white board I asked the question
What do you do to keep up the motivation?
Your relationships are set, your class is humming
What are those last few pieces of knowledge
What are those last few things needed before summer

"Our kids" and us have been through a lot this year
Eleven more days and the summer is clear
For many of them this comes with a fear
Remember that as the end draws near

Consistency of school, consistency of stability
Consistency of someone who is there unconditionally

We have laughed, struggled, smiled with high fives
We have made such an impact on their lives

From clubs, to content, from tech, to dancing
#cddolphins have come again with a message
We are a place to grow, we are a place to show
We are a place for "our kids" and those that know

As a leader in the building I am still excited
Even my walk around on a Monday raining
I saw teachers and students animated
Passionate and delighted to be sharing

You are what you are at this moment to whomever is around you
Nothing more and nothing less, make it count and make it worthwhile
These moments are soon to be over, your influence will live on
But your importance to this group will already be defined

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