Tuesday, May 2, 2017

To the #cddolphins educator during Teacher Appreciation Week

To the Carrie Downie educator,

We have shared a story, or ten this year, of times good and bad.  We have had those moments when we don't agree and frustration has gotten the best of you and me.  We have had those moments this year when we want to quit, take a day off.  We have also wanted to celebrate, thank each other and laugh.  You are never appreciated enough.  There are not ample post-it notes, emails, comments, or tweets that I can send out that will ever fill your bucket.  I know I can always do more and you make it look so easy.

I have written before about trust and how I trust you to do the right thing.  I am now thinking about comfort and how I am comfortable every day.  Knowing, from your reading intervention group, to forming a line for transition.  To trying a new game, or approach to begin a lesson.  From the mediation to parent/teacher communication and every thing else in between.  I have a comfort that you will do your work professionally, responsibly, respectfully, with a lot of love and passion.

In the past, I have written, recorded myself, had your students all hug you at one time.  That one year, they recorded one thing they loved about you, and maybe even a few more I can't remember.  This is just a short note, because I know your time is limited, to say that I am comfortable with knowing you are an educator at Carrie Downie.  This comfort is built on trust, not compliance, built on observation, not complacency, built on excitement, not just being satisfied.

So I thank you again this year, during this week, Carrie Downie educator!


P.S. Just remember don't bring a lunch tomorrow, PTA has you covered!

P.S.S. And check the calendar we have a busy month ahead! haha!

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