Thursday, May 4, 2017

What if I had an Iphone in 1996?

What if I had an Iphone in 1996?
There would be no facebook maybe MySpace?
Twitter, distractions... could use a tool without...
Social important... only when using global to move local

I would not have Google contacts attacking my account
I would not be distracted with like this, favorite that
Would not have to create a bio of my most cherished
My "selfie" would be shared with only those in proximity

Maybe I could connect to my PC, my mac, send a fax for immediacy
Not have to worry about connecting with my Alaskan fishing buddy
Wouldn't it be, easy... I could spend time feeling the breezy breeze
My prints would be all over the keys, geez, I could hide
I might have a minute to sneeze, might not need to memorize

What if I had an Iphone in 1996?
First off Tupac, Busta, Rage, and Sublime
Would be my Spotify playlist
With no collaboration, no worrying about followers

I would be able... To stare at my life through a rear view
Put my hands where my eyes could see
Take the power back on the bombrack
Because that is about all... What I got

But in all seriousness a tool without distraction
Email inbox only hitting ridiculous numbers
Not 150+ a day of nuisance to sell me this
I forgot about all that... 1996... if I had an Iphone
I wish at times it could take me back.

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