Wednesday, June 28, 2017

10 minutes... That is all I need

Give me 10 minutes
Just 10 minutes to calm

10 minutes to write this post
10 minutes to adjust, I must

Sometimes all you need is 10 minutes
To breath and 10 minutes to be free

What seems like 10 years was just 10 minutes
Infinite is the need for a break, 10 minutes can suffice

Take this recommendation, give yourself 10
Others around you will appreciate the later communication

Been wanting to write this for 10 minutes
When, I have found 8 or maybe 9 lately, not 10

So there it is the 10 minutes blog
Watch the timer, 10, 9 8, 7, 6, 5, 4
Wonder if I can edit it tomorrow some more....


P.S. I will be honest, adding my 10 picture at the top took me to 12 minutes...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Edubabble 6

State of school, capital of logical, relocatable and local
Global connector, controller of my thought, I think

Wrought with wet, weathered experience
In the mirror I practice, with a wink
In the mirror I ask much of this

Wisdom, here we go, edubabble back again
No hate... here to contemplate and complicate

Relate the proportionate, never complacent
Relentless attack on the reference without difference

Break out of brick and mortar, 4 walls not for me
Prepared for the revolution, the revolutionary
Throw out the dictionary, bring in the thesaurus
No chorus, none needed, please forgive me

August to June reminds me, students will be back soon
Day after day of relationships, hellos and goodbyes
Burned or burnt out, not me, always starts with a slap high five
We do this together, we live together hours added up 6.5

Our kids, seated next to them, checking the task
I ask, student's face, tells me all their experiences
Keys to open awareness, sense when they are relaxed
That is when that relationship voice comes back

Not hard, just connect with them, know that you
You are champion, undefeated, penetrate their defense
This is not something you talk about, but something you do
Getting dressed in the morning is my analogy

You do it because you know you must
Can't show up to work naked nor get on the bus
Brush your teeth to keep your mouth healthy
Do we still need to talk about importance of relationships
Or do we need to talk about what you do
How you cultivate, strategize, not repeat the room, needing strategy, ways to connect, to cultivate, like I meet my new registrations in the office, hello how are you, what is your name, can I show you something, are you scared, where are you from, Mom/Dad have any questions, that is the start of my relationship conversations.

The explanation of the struggle, battle, retaliation
Be the one, be the substantial, the potential
As educator, mentor, coach, corner individual

What they need is the sun, not the clouds
Push away the doubt, live in their ecstasy

Without ambiguity, it is tricky, you and me
We been trusted to the next generation
No regeneration, limited space, to make a splash
Make sure you influence has a last

I hear relationship this, relationship that
Without nothing, state it for what reason
Implied should be, get that out your vocabulary
You only explain your map when you don't know where you are going
Like stating over and over about a snow day
When it is already snowing

We know... stating it again does not make it true
Those that knew, never had to tell you what to do
Consistency does not talk about rapport
Worst idea ever is to tell yourself it is all about you

Relationships, you feel it or you don't
The best I know, don't worry about their tribe
Vibe is evident in how they hold their head up high
Without hesitation, they know they got communication
Relationships are evident the second I talk to the student
Relationships are not defined by stating relationships are important

Determined by whether you know in that first 5 minutes of conflict
If your student is with you or not, what do you do next
This you can not learn from echo chambers or text

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Edubabble 5

This is only meant to entertain!  Please enjoy and the video is better than just reading the words, as I don't think they truly match up! HAHA!

My Edubabble is back with fourth or is it the fifth edition
Hoping to generate a cross-curricular, extended remediation
Really the cultivation of a classroom-based,
individualized delivery system

With an obvious balance and equal proportions
Looking for facts, there are alternative rumors
Finding words and language
As it relates to our 21st Century learners
Hopefully my words make sense and there is no confusion
Hoping to unmask this wordy collusion

So I checked the spaces, they're all so social
Scroll, flick, swipe, I love all the tools
At times there seem to be no rules

Call anything, anything, for anything
Is nothing without a definition of something

Understanding something only comes with accepting anything
I hope you understand this edubabble destination...
And where I am going... without hesitation

First thing I saw was conversation
Strategized innovative enrichment
Developing course of action
Making sure, time for reflection
Intention beset upon investment

Regular checkpoints came next
A paradox itself
For continuous growth

Mindset Ambiguous
Points are definite
Definition even says it

Personalized, individualized were all over the place
Lock and step without accommodations not in this space
Back to the drawing board, the etch a sketch I seek
Too much copy and paste, the repetitive echo makes us weak

Can't we create, synchronize, calibrate, mindfully
To be flexible is essential in this zone of proximity
You see, centers and rotations a blended strategy

It is simple, your mind is not playing you
Just have to take it all in and be everything in all you do

To visualize real-time real-world problems
A data driven, outside the box, big idea
The classification of thoughts and practices
Why can't we call school a series of workout classes?

Come one come all, we work your brain until you fall
Let me repeat
Come one come all, we work your brain until you fall

All are expected and we're open to the public
That is a vision! I think we can all respect it

I move on
Scroll on, flip with my thumb
To pinpoint with laser like focus
What could possibly be next?

Professional development
Collaborative developmental cognitive learning
A neighborhood of study
Are you recording?
and whose taking notes, where's the summary?

Yearning for a 7 point rubric
Starting a new paradigm

Benchmarking my progress.
It's all intertwined
Evidence based predicted outcomes
Flexible groupings they all need to be
For the ultimate goal is to be - green
Whatever that means

The unpacked pool of mastery-focused
Multidisciplinary problem-based curricula
Applied to a cohort with a locus of control
Has got me yearning for a lower level task
With multiple entry spots that I can grasp

I will give you some wait time, before you exit
Got the ticket to the game based or is it gamified
Terrified that I get those confused no matter how much I try
Think I hit my own personal max points word total tonight
Now if I could just find my pencil everything would be all right

This is my own personal Scrabble, that ends my Edubabble