Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Making Decisions... I short brain dump...

Making decisions is something that is important for any school leader.
"Be decisive, have convictions, take a stance!" are all things I hear

Build consensus, get opinions, talk it through
Use a survey, get input, do you have anything new?

Adding more to the conversation
Can certainly help open communication

Is there a point when the ideas have to cease?
Isn't there a point when you have to stop and freeze?

Does the more you invest in others' thinking and reasoning...
Actually increase comprehension and deeper understanding?

Does it flood you with preference and confusion?
Wouldn't it be easier if we selected like a recess option

Decisions, what's it going to be
Yes or no, second thoughts come free

Up late, wake up early, the hustle
Working a different muscle

Are you up for it, I mean are you up?
Forget the the hug, this is happening

Emergency not, grammar gets in they way
Interpretation of reflection and decisions

You go with what is not zoned out
You go with what you feel is best developed

What is culminated from what you have taken in
What those around you feel and trust is working

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