Saturday, July 29, 2017

Many Times Sacrifice is Leadership

In order to lead you have to sacrifice.  I don’t mean giving up personal time, time with family, or eating lunch sitting down.  That is inherent and probably understood by most. .  Although those are all sacrifices, but more external and not the point of this post.  

What I mean, is the internal sacrifice, where you are giving up  a piece of who you are.  Where you are allowing yourself to be upset, because you know it is for the betterment of the system and the organization (school).  I know we all hear about never giving in, always seeing things through, sticking to your guns.  This should only be reserved to those one or two things that you absolutely feel are non-negotiable, that is it.  Not something like using a reporting tool the way it is set up, if others feel it could be better modified to serve their needs.  A sacrifice, not a big one, but hopefully you get the idea.     

Now this should not go so far as to sacrifice your character, core beliefs, or deep moral understandings, but definitely many of your ideas.  A real leader understands not all their ideas are the only ideas.  They understand that you will need to swallow, take a deep breath, and realize that leading is sacrificing at times.   I can think of how many “great ideas” I had that never got past that first person I spoke with about them.  Their reaction told me right away.  This was not what I wanted to see, but I swallowed my pride and understood they were probably right.  That idea was not going to work.  You have to be lucky to be surrounded by a lot of people who have the ability to be honest with you.  I do have that good fortune.   

I can not tell you how many times I have gone with the consensus knowing that it was not something I really wanted to do, or even thought would work, but because others’ were behind it, we pulled it off.  Sacrifice is not always about giving yourself to others’, sometimes it is just giving a little less and not forcing something because it was your idea.  

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