Thursday, July 27, 2017

To Speak Quotes Is To Be What?

To have a voice is the essence and pretense of a movement
Without we have nothing, we are sheep baaahhh, no he didn't

To quote nonstop everyday is like the life of a mayfly
Your adult life is less than 24 hours so why

Does it matter that you can say something and recite
Excuse these original thoughts, they have received no likes

We are here for kids, we are here for them
Forever our mission is guide them towards the sun

Relationships are the driver, not Uber, but acceleration

It is the epitome of the formation of compassion

Warm our hearts to move them from proletariat

To think leaders on track, for them the oceans part

These are my original quotes, not to be tweeted
Can think of them all day, but does nothing for the needed

Not that quotes are bad, I have come full circle
But 20 a day, to increase your payday?

That is the problem, that is the game, that is the crime
Time you stop quoting, time you start responding

Time you engage, not soapbox it and look for hearts
Help someone new to the arena, not package your baggage

Tired I am, need to break free from the pundents
Redundent is the flavor of the moment

You need a remix, a reset of the mission, need remission
Intervention to pull you back, put your game back on track

Your quotes sell for cents on the dollar at the local rehab shop
Come back to us, the one's living the job scene, just stop

It degrades the work of those in the field as if we don't have reactions
Speak without words, not while showering, speak with actions

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