Friday, August 18, 2017

New School Year

No one word, have many to bring
Without a trick or say what we have done

It is a wipe on the desk of life
Erase the dust, we have done a ton

We have the advantage of a reset
Beset upon us a new group that trust

Get the upgrade, we got appeal
For real, they came to a new grade

Unsigned contract to improve
Unsigned contact to prove

Time is on the forefront as it is limited
permitted to influence the young

Our next generation, our next drummers
Step up, be ready, 2017-18 is upon us

Remembering the light of my first
Thirsting for the energy of that day

May I educate, influence, inspire
Not tired, years building stuff

Ready to do, try, take a chance
Dance, maybe sing, find our why


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