Thursday, August 31, 2017

Not feeling it...

Started to force a post about a penny, which will eventually make the "publish".  Well maybe not...  It is a bipolar attempt at describing importance of experiences through the lens of a really beat up penny.  I found it on the ground walking down the street.

Fifteen minutes in I realized that it was just not what I was feeling.  I felt it at the moment I found the penny, but not feeling it now.  In my head that day, it was so good!  I had a whole poem written in my head, now lost forever!

How and why does this happen?

How could I have been so committed to this project 10 days ago and now barely want to read what I wrote.

I both love and hate this feeling.

I love that I have had a passion for a penny! haha! I can pivot and now write self-aware about my feelings at the time I wanted to write about the penny.  The constant is a drive to write and share my feelings to put them out.

I have developed a habit, a habit of writing, like checking email or taking the same way to work.  It makes me feel good, like working out, making my bed, or finishing a book.  No matter how long or how short, going from draft to publish is a big deal for me.  Lots in draft, and probably will always stay there, but as long as I write, I don't care if they stay their forever.

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