Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Too much today!

I did too much... And I know better, I know PD days are days.

Here is what I tried...

  • Deliver an Equity PD using a technology tool, already created. Not bad, get people thinking, although probably could have taken 20 slides out and made it better.  Even though I reviewed it 10 times, upon delivery, it did not hit the mark I was hoping.  We have all felt this! haha! 
  • Tried to confuse staff in order to build a sense of intrigue and help them understand how some of their students may feel by delivering 2 identical thoughts in 2 ways.  (one was text, the other was audio).  Wanted them to think metacognitively about this task.  What did he mean...  
  • Show the video with a confusing explanation and discussion.    
  • Discussions on collaboration vs. partner work with a twist with teachers not being allowed to talk for first 10 minutes during a collaborative exercise.  They then discussed, made decisions and some built consensus with a share out.  The importance of pre-thought was stressed for lower students in their room and how powerful this idea is.    
  • This was done in a round about way with each teacher having a job and rotating.   Confused yet...
  • Addressing the idea of "color blindness" and it's negative effects and asking teachers to take the opposite argument of the TED talk to better understand their feelings about the topic.  
  • All of this was after a sharing of who you are (each staff member) and my current, with past feelings, about who we are as a school.  I wanted them to hear from me, honestly and unapologetically, without reservation.  It was a thought out practiced presentation.  I think this was my best part of the day... My observation. This was 5 minutes total! haha! 
  • This was all done under an umbrella where I wanted teachers to be creative, reason, analyze, be metacognitive, and self-actualized with minimal comprehension and hopefully no retrieval. 
I tried to do this from 8:52 am until 11: 57 with a 10 minute break, but we did get up from time to time to share, talk, etc.  

It was too much, I am at fault.  I did not do an hour long power point, but I did jam down 5 days worth of PD in 3 hours.  

I hope that we pull these main concepts out of it:
  • We need to continue to push how students think.  Cognitive Growth.  
  • 21st Century skills are as much face to face with technology enhancements as they are technology based products.  They are a marriage.    
  • If we allow students to process some of their thoughts in advance, even just minutes, they will be better contributors to collaboration.
  • True collaboration is producing a better product, not just working together to produce something one student could do on their own.  
  • We need to not be color blind and not only recognize, but celebrate our differences.
  • We need to continue to push the #cddolphins way.  We are great, not apologetic about it, and this is okay.
  • We need to find different ways to deliver content both with technology and without, in order to get a meaningful engaged experience for students. 
Those are the main objectives.  I think my abundance of energy and ideas may have diluted them just in their magnitude as an idea, and magnitude in number.  

I will learn from this, as this is not the first time I have done this, but I really realized it today.  I wish I learned things the first time I did them.... UGHHH! 

Here is what I am happy about:

I am happy that I believe we continue to push our way of thinking.  I am happy that we continued dialogue around a common language.  I am happy that I think our mindsets are evolving.  I am happy that my staff were awesome in their participation and engagement.  I am happy that I believe people were a little uncomfortable at times and dealt with it.  I am happy that although I am not happy about the day, I am also not disappointed.  Take it in perspective, not the end of the world, but this is one of my leadership struggles and seems like a forever problem.   

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