Saturday, September 23, 2017

Inclusive Culture

To be inclusive is to see what others are
It is to be open to difference, not making inference

Welcoming to the one, the all, freedom
It is an inclusive mental conundrum

Include, precludes the notion you will deal
Be real with your feelings, dealings, and needings

To be inclusive means and seems to be the dream
But to be inclusive means you have to sacrifice something

Nothing you can't handle, just take the old thoughts off the mantle
Change the sheets, inclusion is not where we all meet

It is within, a call for reflection, why you alive
To keep out? To include, what are you willing to compromise

The promise that together we achieve, we are the power
Leading, learning, access, innovation, early in our childhood

Get the idea of segregation out of the thoughts
Drop the idea of doing it alone, need to embrace the referendum

Uncomfortable is the adjective and directive of the narrative
Verified by a stance of admittance of your bias to embrace

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