Friday, September 15, 2017

The fix... What is the fix?!

I am reminded over and over again that there is no way to fix it
Fixing it actually relies on our ability of acceptance

Acceptance relies on our ability to understand where we are
Understanding where we are is dependent on experience

Experience is only gained through time and events
Time is one thing we have no control over, the one thing that never stops

Events are those things that happen to us, being there when it drops
The only part we have control over, is how you feel about them

How you feel about them then becomes your fix of the situation
The situation where you can only control your feelings and emotions

Emotions and feelings are what drive so much of our work
Our work is what drives us to find a fix, the paradigm and the trick

So back to my point, that I have not made very clear
Clarity gained when you realize the fix is no where near

The fix is you, the fix is how you react, the fix is what you do
The fix is who you are, the fix is how you shape your perceptions
The fix is showing up every day, the fix is seeing the incremental growth
The fix is realizing to truly fix something, is acceptance of who you are

The fix is you, not them, the fix is gained when you understand
For understanding there is no fix, frees you to find a way

For a way is a path, a direction, a drive, a passion
There is no fix, so give up looking
Just rely on what you set as your vision and your mission

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  1. Very positive and insightful message...and the suggestion to have students begin to reflect on their own perceptions and responses to life's events may remind a younger generation to look within rather than without for paths to contentment and defining their own happiness.