Thursday, September 28, 2017

Things happen... You deal with them

The first part of this blog that is yellow is my dumping to get to my point in the white part at the bottom.  I needed to go through this, as I have realize this works for me right now.  I do a lot of writing I don't post, in an attempt to leave something for someone after I pass to maybe think about.  Not to be grave, I plan to live into my 100's, I work out all the time, but I know it will occur at some point.  Hence my title "Things happen.... You deal with them" - HAHA!

As a principal things happen and you are not prepared.  Things happen that you are never prepared 

I constantly spend my days saying, "I never saw that coming" both positive and negative.  You constantly question if you have ever seen this before, over and over you just don't know.  

That is the beauty and beast of the day.  

What I have begun to learn and I think poetry and an attempt at being creative has helped me, is that I need to see things as they are.  

Not as what they could.  Growing up I did physical, but interestingly "self thought" did escape. 

What does this mean? I was a doer, what did tomorrow bring, just need to blink, with a wink and REM sleep, I forgot, moved on, not wasted time.  

I needed to think in reality, not in fantasy, understanding my limits, and understandings that I can't help anyone, certainly not all, key was helping myself first. 

For example, listen to the song I can't repeat here, but repeat now over and over, heard long ago, just rediscovered now, on replay day after day.  That kid only knew one speed until he was way past Swift's 22. Now I need 2, just 2 from time to time, to make sure my mind is ready and steady. 

Analogy -  Down under slice from the "Belly", you figure that riddle, you come see, we will share a moment and a time, music has always meant the most to me.   

All of this has just allowed me to speak to what I want to write and what is the topic.  I think you need to figure out who you are, what you are comfortable with, and most importantly, what your needs are that need to be satisfied before you can lead.  Without satisfying your own needs, you will never be able to help others satisfy their needs.  I think I have learned this from some great people that I have surrounded myself with, and a lot of deep self reflection during exercise, running, and quite frankly monotonous tasks like cutting the grass. 

I truly feel that we are only as good as we are right now.  I did not always think this, I actually never thought this for a long time, so two thumbs up to growth!  Still working on it and still know that I have room to grow, which actually is beginning to excite me as a personal challenge like getting a better time at a race.

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