Sunday, October 29, 2017

In the Rain

Sometimes it is fun to run in the rain.  Today I ran about 3 miles as I am trying to get back into running after losing consistency over the past few weeks.  I was excited, it was fun, just a steady run in a steady rain.  I found some puddles and stomped a little harder in them.  I ran under some trees and had those larger balls of rain fall on my head and shoulders.  These larger drops were colder and I could feel the difference from the rain falling from the clouds.  I kept my head up and felt the drops go off my eye lashes and into my eyes.  This slight annoyance did not bother me this morning.  It was an experience, not life changing, or overly inspirational, but an experience anyways.

If you would have asked me 5 years ago, well maybe even a year ago, to run in the rain I would have said, "No Way!"  I don't know what changed, but I have run in the rain a few times over the past couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  So get out today and do something in the rain, or plan to do something outside the next time it calls for rain.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Who am I...

No one knows but you, how you feel
Deal with you every minute, second, of every

Delivery room to eulogy, you are with...
Truth is voice, relativity of thoughts since birth

Introvert or extrovert to the ambivert
What is that, Tony Hawk vert is what I knew

At some point as a leader you will be expected
Respected, but thought should know everything

Thought that I am a superhero
A person that has lived since 1852

A person that lives past 24-7
I text you at 10:42, where were you?

I am just like you, I am no different
I live every day one second at a time

I grew from my mother's oversized womb
Not bit by a spider, found a ring or found sword in a tomb

Not Trump, quoting what I did, or who I am
Just trying to explain my job is contingent

Relinquish myself to your needs, diligent
But miss some, rank based on global disruptive

Repetitive without supportive gets attention
Retention in the motivation to create retention

My kids, "our kids" turns to the commiment
Obligation of urgency, while leading an insurgency

Embedded academic to push positive feedback
Something we can't pull back as that is the essence

The reason we are learners, teachers, educators
Of the next generation of movement takers

"Almost Famous" BPM 124 G-Eazy while writing.... Repetition. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017


The T to the R to the U and E
Why does complacency start with C

Why not K, CH, or QUE all sound similar at times
Another rhyme to help this principal sort out his mind

We all become it, we all strive to overachieve it
We all let our guard down after the first
We all know in December we look forward to Christmas

These students are not like.... both good and bad
Different, doesn't matter we become complacent

So how do we fight this inevitable and I think fightable being
This ghost in the closet, never would tweet
Never gonna admit to having this feeling

Recognize, accept, acknowledge, realize
What does my 5, 10, or 17 year student deserve

A champion, a fighter, a forgiver of all sins
All that you are, no question, what you set up on the drive

Hit you, yell, disrespect, not meant, because they love
Their teacher, you the one, every day for six point five

Hours we spend are unique, we force and demand
Work, not your favorite, tough, do it, I give you choice

But sometimes you have to wait to use the bathroom
Raise your hand just to speak, the way it has to be

No matter, I greet you every day with a hug, a smile
A "I want you in my class" because my mission
My vision was to make a difference 20-40 students
Some 100+ to make an influence, might never be known

Know their extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
The notion we don't understand hurts us to the core
This is not a job, but a passion, it is something more

For all that say those that can't do it, teach it
My complacency is temporary until motivation strikes me

Leave you with this, for the meetings, for the ones that tweet
Complacency is a speed bump in the world of achieve
For my students will never feel I left them high and dry
My mind is made up to fight my issues to make sure their lives
Their enthusiasm, their tears, their laughter, all the good
Will never be drowned out by my complacency, my feeling of tired
My need to re-wire, never question "why" just "how" so for now
I find that place, with music in my ear to prepare for another
Another day to stare them in the eye and tell them I am here forever.

The song I listened to on repeat as I wrote this... The L.O.X. "Recognize" WARNING there is some inappropriate content and lyrics.  Not explicit,if you listen to the clean version, just questionable content.  Just sharing as this is my process, not condoning anything said in the rap.  

Challenge - Reread while playing this in the background loud.  That is how I write... Just saying...

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Coaching students vs. productive struggle

I was asked recently, "how much did you coach them?"  My answer, "a lot" and I was unapologetic as I think they got to where I thought they could, but they weren't getting there on their own.  There is a lot of talk about productive struggle and I agree with the concept, unless it leads them without a full understanding of where you want them to go.  Two boys got involved in a conversation about characters in a story and their character traits, but the color of their skin was a barrier.

I started with a simple question, "who is more like you?"  This final video is cut down from about 8 total minutes of conversation.  Now let's be fair, I am a principal, I can have 8 minute conversations with 2 students and not worry about management issues.  The teacher in the room was taking care of that.  I just wanted to push them, as I thought they could get there.  I hope these young men can transfer the idea that someone that may not look like them can actually act just like them.  At the very least who they want or think they are.  If they think about this conversation one more time in a moment of decision or to self check themselves, my job was done.  I just will never know... The beauty and horror of being an educator.

Also pay attention to how each both thinks they look, in comparison to the characters in the book.  Interesting and revealing.  These two boys are amazing thinkers!

The final result after much deliberation.  One character is more like me, although he looks a lot less like me...  Wow!  self-actualization achieved!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Back at it again...

Video is less than 2 minutes, and reason for blog.

Read this at about 128 BPM:

Recognize, realize, missed a hobby
Sloppy, 6 months, risk, maybe not

No attempt at making or creating
Djing, losing that 1-2 wheel sighting

Basement dwelling, equipment dying
Dusting, cleaning, practicing

From 8 to 9, now 10 pm something
Just a session, nothing to mention

Finished product 2-3 days out
listen, self, feedback, practice, perfection

I love the process, love the Sixers
Embid, or embed no easy fixes

New content, reason for feeling
Emotional dealing and needing

Have to work through new program
New set-up after the update

Work ahead, this not good
11 rhymes joined together

Telling my current story
Don't worry, for me only

Self-care, shared development
Only to help, allow others to accept

Your different, others thoughts
Your or my, take the tie off moments

Can allow you to smile
Miles and miles I will listen

Reason for the project
Reflect on run mile 3 to fix

Trick is how I go from formation
To finished product, my final creation

Will be something, not for public
For me to conquer any self doubt

Friday, October 13, 2017

When you Think

When you decide to think and not recall
Tall you stand, slouch the sit, not an option

Levels of thoughtful, recalling, metacognition, self, creating
Meditating, flexing, mindful stretching, the power of all

Not a walk in the mall, fallin, stalling, the mark
Iota, a brain quota of planned doctrine, not the one

Later on dark, the horse, brain filled
thrilled to be able to express

This quick thought, may not mean much
For such is often better left open to interpretation

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I may have written about this before, I am just being transparent.  I am being open to what I have done, isn't that the essence of transparency?  I would argue no in leadership...

Being transparent is being open with your ideas from the beginning, not the end. Not presenting a finished product and looking for affirmation. We often wait until we have  finished product, therefore setting ourselves to disappointment when others don’t see what you see or the idea is slightly or fully rejected.  Put it out their early, then you show you are willing to get and receive input.  Work through it together, improve it together, that is transparency.  When you put something out early before your opinions and biases can be shaped, you help to try and keep some of the emotion out of decisions, which is always a good idea.

It is not just sharing your ideas or the budget and saying, "see".  

It is also not getting ideas to say you got ideas, knowing full well you are going a different direction. You may not be able to make everyone happy or go in the direction of everyone's ideas, but you must take them into consideration.

Here is my art analogy - Being transparent is not a window into your art work or opening your gallery, but a pottery class where everyone has the opportunity to shape the work if they so desire.  

Now this analogy in regards to leadership falls apart when shaping is all you do and you never go to the kiln.  At some point shaping stops and you go make it more solid and move forward.  When to do that and how to do that is a feeling or directed by calendar or dates.  Allowing this process will help ensure that once you go to the kiln and fire your work, the finished product is as close to acceptable to all, as you possible can get, even if it is not beautiful.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Excuses and Mistakes

Been making a lot of mistakes lately
Excuses follow they shouldn't unfortunately

Can't figure out why, overwhelmed, aren't we all
Apologize I need and appreciate, that is general

But often starts to change the tone
Feel like I created a space not within a good zone

Sorry, not just apologizing, also promising
I need to improve, hashtag cddolphins

Think it is a lack of understanding
A forgetting of the problem standing

Maybe a frustration and kick in the confidence
I am writing this now to change my cardinal points

Reminder to work on my face, no matter what
That is first expression, and that you won't forget

It is internal, it is self-actualization, cognitive target
HAHA! self improvement has a start

Where is my sentence starter, my scaffolded clue
For you all do deserve more, I've known for a while

Felt I have been a leader with a sneeze
Therefore we all have a cold

Gonna decide now, to change my mood
Apologize for the short response, my attitude

Maybe turning 40 adulthood finally...
Reality, the probability generally never bothers me

I think it is between the ears, not the years
Just know I am working to be positive

It will come, you all have been great
2017 has started fantastic!
Can't wait for the two thousand one plus eight

Have a great sleep, whatever night it is
For our #cddolphins family is no joke
We have each others backs from the moment we woke