Friday, October 20, 2017

Back at it again...

Video is less than 2 minutes, and reason for blog.

Read this at about 128 BPM:

Recognize, realize, missed a hobby
Sloppy, 6 months, risk, maybe not

No attempt at making or creating
Djing, losing that 1-2 wheel sighting

Basement dwelling, equipment dying
Dusting, cleaning, practicing

From 8 to 9, now 10 pm something
Just a session, nothing to mention

Finished product 2-3 days out
listen, self, feedback, practice, perfection

I love the process, love the Sixers
Embid, or embed no easy fixes

New content, reason for feeling
Emotional dealing and needing

Have to work through new program
New set-up after the update

Work ahead, this not good
11 rhymes joined together

Telling my current story
Don't worry, for me only

Self-care, shared development
Only to help, allow others to accept

Your different, others thoughts
Your or my, take the tie off moments

Can allow you to smile
Miles and miles I will listen

Reason for the project
Reflect on run mile 3 to fix

Trick is how I go from formation
To finished product, my final creation

Will be something, not for public
For me to conquer any self doubt

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