Thursday, October 26, 2017


The T to the R to the U and E
Why does complacency start with C

Why not K, CH, or QUE all sound similar at times
Another rhyme to help this principal sort out his mind

We all become it, we all strive to overachieve it
We all let our guard down after the first
We all know in December we look forward to Christmas

These students are not like.... both good and bad
Different, doesn't matter we become complacent

So how do we fight this inevitable and I think fightable being
This ghost in the closet, never would tweet
Never gonna admit to having this feeling

Recognize, accept, acknowledge, realize
What does my 5, 10, or 17 year student deserve

A champion, a fighter, a forgiver of all sins
All that you are, no question, what you set up on the drive

Hit you, yell, disrespect, not meant, because they love
Their teacher, you the one, every day for six point five

Hours we spend are unique, we force and demand
Work, not your favorite, tough, do it, I give you choice

But sometimes you have to wait to use the bathroom
Raise your hand just to speak, the way it has to be

No matter, I greet you every day with a hug, a smile
A "I want you in my class" because my mission
My vision was to make a difference 20-40 students
Some 100+ to make an influence, might never be known

Know their extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
The notion we don't understand hurts us to the core
This is not a job, but a passion, it is something more

For all that say those that can't do it, teach it
My complacency is temporary until motivation strikes me

Leave you with this, for the meetings, for the ones that tweet
Complacency is a speed bump in the world of achieve
For my students will never feel I left them high and dry
My mind is made up to fight my issues to make sure their lives
Their enthusiasm, their tears, their laughter, all the good
Will never be drowned out by my complacency, my feeling of tired
My need to re-wire, never question "why" just "how" so for now
I find that place, with music in my ear to prepare for another
Another day to stare them in the eye and tell them I am here forever.

The song I listened to on repeat as I wrote this... The L.O.X. "Recognize" WARNING there is some inappropriate content and lyrics.  Not explicit,if you listen to the clean version, just questionable content.  Just sharing as this is my process, not condoning anything said in the rap.  

Challenge - Reread while playing this in the background loud.  That is how I write... Just saying...

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