Thursday, October 5, 2017

Excuses and Mistakes

Been making a lot of mistakes lately
Excuses follow they shouldn't unfortunately

Can't figure out why, overwhelmed, aren't we all
Apologize I need and appreciate, that is general

But often starts to change the tone
Feel like I created a space not within a good zone

Sorry, not just apologizing, also promising
I need to improve, hashtag cddolphins

Think it is a lack of understanding
A forgetting of the problem standing

Maybe a frustration and kick in the confidence
I am writing this now to change my cardinal points

Reminder to work on my face, no matter what
That is first expression, and that you won't forget

It is internal, it is self-actualization, cognitive target
HAHA! self improvement has a start

Where is my sentence starter, my scaffolded clue
For you all do deserve more, I've known for a while

Felt I have been a leader with a sneeze
Therefore we all have a cold

Gonna decide now, to change my mood
Apologize for the short response, my attitude

Maybe turning 40 adulthood finally...
Reality, the probability generally never bothers me

I think it is between the ears, not the years
Just know I am working to be positive

It will come, you all have been great
2017 has started fantastic!
Can't wait for the two thousand one plus eight

Have a great sleep, whatever night it is
For our #cddolphins family is no joke
We have each others backs from the moment we woke

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