Friday, October 27, 2017

Who am I...

No one knows but you, how you feel
Deal with you every minute, second, of every

Delivery room to eulogy, you are with...
Truth is voice, relativity of thoughts since birth

Introvert or extrovert to the ambivert
What is that, Tony Hawk vert is what I knew

At some point as a leader you will be expected
Respected, but thought should know everything

Thought that I am a superhero
A person that has lived since 1852

A person that lives past 24-7
I text you at 10:42, where were you?

I am just like you, I am no different
I live every day one second at a time

I grew from my mother's oversized womb
Not bit by a spider, found a ring or found sword in a tomb

Not Trump, quoting what I did, or who I am
Just trying to explain my job is contingent

Relinquish myself to your needs, diligent
But miss some, rank based on global disruptive

Repetitive without supportive gets attention
Retention in the motivation to create retention

My kids, "our kids" turns to the commiment
Obligation of urgency, while leading an insurgency

Embedded academic to push positive feedback
Something we can't pull back as that is the essence

The reason we are learners, teachers, educators
Of the next generation of movement takers

"Almost Famous" BPM 124 G-Eazy while writing.... Repetition. 

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