Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I may have written about this before, I am just being transparent.  I am being open to what I have done, isn't that the essence of transparency?  I would argue no in leadership...

Being transparent is being open with your ideas from the beginning, not the end. Not presenting a finished product and looking for affirmation. We often wait until we have  finished product, therefore setting ourselves to disappointment when others don’t see what you see or the idea is slightly or fully rejected.  Put it out their early, then you show you are willing to get and receive input.  Work through it together, improve it together, that is transparency.  When you put something out early before your opinions and biases can be shaped, you help to try and keep some of the emotion out of decisions, which is always a good idea.

It is not just sharing your ideas or the budget and saying, "see".  

It is also not getting ideas to say you got ideas, knowing full well you are going a different direction. You may not be able to make everyone happy or go in the direction of everyone's ideas, but you must take them into consideration.

Here is my art analogy - Being transparent is not a window into your art work or opening your gallery, but a pottery class where everyone has the opportunity to shape the work if they so desire.  

Now this analogy in regards to leadership falls apart when shaping is all you do and you never go to the kiln.  At some point shaping stops and you go make it more solid and move forward.  When to do that and how to do that is a feeling or directed by calendar or dates.  Allowing this process will help ensure that once you go to the kiln and fire your work, the finished product is as close to acceptable to all, as you possible can get, even if it is not beautiful.  

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