Saturday, November 4, 2017

Future of... Well anything...

What if the future did not require us to read?  

Many books are intimidating anyways!  And there are so many of them, how could I possibly read them all!

I am using this absurd question as I thought of it today looking at road signs and emojis.  Then I watched a video on Youtube that had no written words to read. 

I am not promoting or suggesting we should not read, teach reading, or do less of it.  I would say we need more of all of that.  Just using this question, because reading is the basis of everything, to make you think a bit... Maybe...

I am no reading historian, don't know the origins of reading, but I think it started with symbols, evolved to letters, and a way to communicate ideas, thoughts, and information without needing to actually be face to face.

Reading is a tool you learn, it is not something you are born with.  Most of us are all born with the ability to see, hear, smell, touch, etc.  We eventually learn to walk, grasp, taste, etc.  I would also not call these tools, but learned natural skills, that would probably happen without any outside influence or interference.   

Reading is something that definitely needs outside influence or interference. 

What if we could find a way to communicate ideas more efficiently without reading? 

Would we need to learn to read in this scenario, would we want to spend so much time learning to read? 

I would argue that reading is not the most efficient strategy to learn many things and is definitely time consuming.  You have already read this for a minute or two and have you learned anything?!  Probably not (HA), you are probably just gathering thoughts in your head to blow up my ridiculous question.

Learning to change the oil in a car, something I did today, is not best done by reading.  Learning to mix songs together with turn tables, something I did today, is not best done by reading.  Both of these examples are certainly not reasons to abandon reading.  I enjoyed a few videos and many songs for entertainment without any words being read at all! 

What if there was a way to get information or learn something quicker and with better comprehension? 

In 1923 you had to either read, hear (live), or be face to face with someone to learn something or be entertained.  Not today, today I learned multiple things as I needed that information.  I had unlimited access to multiple approaches to learning what I needed to learn today. 

Many people don't read books anymore, they just listen to them.  I am not one of them, but I know a few people that have made this switch. 

Reading is important because it also trains your brain to identify patterns, think, decipher, interpret, and all sorts of other important skills to keep your brain healthy. 

What if, there was some other way to do that? 

What if reading turns into what hand writing has basically become for me?

Besides the occasional post-it and recording of ideas on a poster at a meeting, I have virtually eliminated all handwriting and I could probably eliminate the post-its and posters if I had to.  Think about that, I could probably go months, maybe even a year if needed, without much sacrifice, without handwriting anything beyond my signature, which is becoming less and less as well.

Again, I am not even for a second promoting that we should not read, or teach reading.  I think it is the most important skill we learn.  I am just wondering if there is a better way to get what reading does for us, without having to read. 

Makes no sense, I know, but that is where reading gets you.  You are forced, if you have read this so far, to read what I wrote, and make your own meaning from it and it still might not make any sense!  You can't fast forward reading, you could skip or skim, but then you miss so many words that need to be read for comprehension! 

You may not get what I want you to get from this post?  I will never know, I put the words down, you read them, and now you feel some sort of way about what I wrote and maybe who I am...

Is that good or bad?  I will never know and don't really want that feedback! 

So here is the main idea, the objective, the reason for me to write. 

What if what we have always valued to be the "most important" is no longer the "most important"?  

What if you have to re-evaluate everything you thought?  

What if because of your current mindset, your "most important" is not in line with what others around you are thinking or what is socially acceptable and correct?  

You thought this was all about reading... No way! See that is where reading will get you!

Well read on!  Read lots! It is important until we figure out a way to read without reading anyways... I am just hoping for driving without having to drive soon!  Or cutting the grass without cutting the grass!  Or folding laundry without folding laundry!  Or.... You get the point, maybe...

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