Friday, November 3, 2017

Start slow and end fast... Really not the explanation.

Sometimes you start slow, sometimes you start quick
Not a sound and sneak from the 90's Pete Rock, CL Smooth clique

Worth, truth about what, the needing of a leader feeling
#cddolphins to feel the love and what we are breeding

Ridiculous, non monotonous, words at a time, for mine
Are the 1st, 3rd, 5th, all the peeps, Bus court to class needs

High five to the lean down, from eye to eye, to Sunday time
We #cddolphins protect "our kids" those we call mine

Here it is, the leader as with words, to describe what is meant
This school, this group, this staff, these students, every day

Pushed to their limit, the quit we don't except
Reject the ABC of the test, to reach to achieve

Receive what we want, eventual, the message
within the pace clock, what about the opposite?

Students telling, explaining, some sort of feelings
The end is the seeing, doing, and motivation of circling

Back to the forward, reverse the tendency to reject
Ignorance and platform to push secondary, I will reluctantly....

"Devil's Pie" BPM 92 D'Angelo on repeat.

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