Friday, November 10, 2017

You would think it would get easier

You would think it would get easier
Currently failing, finishing a project with poetry

This seems to be the one medium that gets compressed
Smarter I may be in the process, but words are less

I struggle to find a new flow, a new mood
Few, new, flew away, the day, putting together

Never the problem, but how to make it
Fake it now, as I try to find a purpose a reason

Listening at 115 BPM to get me started
It is just interesting, as I get involved

You would think it would get easier
Seems opposite, means are just not flowing

Bonus is that next one is up, thoughts flood
Rain, thunder after lightning, there is an order

Need a beat for me, to write the way I see
Through the ear, the drums seem so near

Guess it is easier when in the flow
Know the sense, tense while waiting

Stating this and that, delete, backspace
Replace "That" as a word never to be used

Then it hit me, song 4 tonight, dropped me
Left me wondering, where or how did this mean anything

Going to try new style now, right here, this minute

Here is the plan, drawn in the sand, under a fan
This one man band, wondering if I can, here I am

Just trying to be creative to push myself, maybe try to prove
Improve, admonishment and the punishment of self

Happened again at song 8, was feeling the weight, and the hour late
Had a moment, put on repeat, needed that, there's the word, I execute

Headphones on, most asleep, just me and my thoughts
Trying to improve, steady incremental, keeping it mental

The need started with Wilkie, year or more ago
Reminded me of the love I had with poetry

Thanks friend, your influence was never stated, but your karma
Of a love always had, held down, and now is forever my mantra

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