Saturday, December 30, 2017

Are we that different?

This blog is going to make no sense if you don't watch the video and stop reading it from the asterisks on.  I just included the transcript for myself.  It is not intended for anyone that is not a #cddolphins student (alumni), staff member, or anyone that might know me.  I like being both behind the camera and in front of the camera, just like our students.  I was just given these recordings over the holiday.  This is proof that there was, flipagram, snapchat, and youtube in 1989!  Here is the proof!  I made music videos with my brother - HAHA!  This is more though, this is an explanation to my students that I am like them, I was them.

I want this to show them that, although at times I may be goofy, I failed many times, here (snowboarding) and succeeded many times, here (goalkeeping).  Both took a lot of work, I gave up on snowboarding, and lip singing, but I continued to practice at soccer.  It allowed me to form relationships with others that will last forever, and have contributed greatly to who I am.  It doesn't have to be soccer, it just has to be something...

I wish I had clips of me reading for hours, but who would do that?  I wish I had clips of me struggling with math problems, but again... no one does that.  So here is what I got.

I narrated the video with a little song interlude.  Again to read from here will make no sense.  Just play the video.


This video was created to show you who I was, not unlike you, I recorded myself, played sports, tried new things, and just tried to be a kid.  I involved my brother, who many of you know from last year's visit.  We did goofy things, all the time, we made lots of videos, we played video games, we fought, I got in trouble sometimes, but always made amends with apologizing and realizing my consequences.  I also continued to push myself to try new things and practice those things I loved to do so much.  I found a passion, I worked at it night and day.  My passions were writing, reading, and soccer.  It was not lip singing as you can clearly see here.

It takes two was my song in 1989 when I was 11 years old. 

I realized early snowboarding was not my thing either, but I tried it, it made the moments at home more enjoyable, because I knew I pushed  myself at something, anything I was not comfortable with. 

Then I got to high school.  This is from my senior year as I prepared to play beyond.  I had to practice really hard, I was exhausted days on days.  I never allowed being sore prevent me from continuing to work.  I know many of your passions will not be soccer, and I understand that.  What I want you to know is that you can not realize any of your passions without working at it all the time, sweating, and sacrificing some things to get to where you want.  I found these videos and I immediately thought about how I could reach out to you.  You are my passion now, I am a believer in whatever it is you try, success or failure.  I know your teachers are as well, we are here to make sure that you do not give up, you do not quit, and most importantly we are doing it all together.  I was 5 once, I was 7 once, I was 9 once, and I was 11 once.  We all know how hard it is, it is up to you to show us how easy you can make it.     

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Quality Over Quantity

I see so many go short form
The norm can not become
It can't reform, quality can't mourn
Quantity seems to be the taste
Waste, your now 280, your who cares
You pay six for a thousand likes
You grab the empty mic, the drop
You lost, you quit, you fell
Smell it a mile away
A steady stream, I go to dream
Upset that educators have fallen for the gleam
Come back to the team, the ones that matter
Sadder, for not helping him or her
Worried about next, next 10 years
Not next 10 hours, your power is
Without a doubt the local smiles and tears
Find your purpose, not a roadmap
Create, evaluate your spot, like I said
It is not always about a mic drop
Put it down slow, take some time
Think, make it count, hesitate
To regurgitate, without a regulate
Only negates your ability to dream
Your means, like the OZ man made of tin
Without substance no one wins

BPM 123 "Good Old Days" (feat. Kesha) - Macklemore, Kesha

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Is it the People or the Experiences for kids?

Parts of this post have the appearance of being really negative.  It is only meant to make you think...

We all want to be them.
We all want to feel it
We all want to be that definite
The purposeful, specific
Separate, singular, unique
I am it, I know all
That definition of the sole
A rockstar, a superhero
In the Matrix that character named NEO

I challenge you to ask and reflect?
Was it the people or experience effect
Was it a set of names and things, or moments and spaces
What are your own 10 most powerful events and faces
That which put you, where you are now
Go ahead, do it, I did mine
Immediate family, then only 2 names, it took a little time
My 2 are not heroes, they were at the right place, at the right moment
Guided me, that is all I needed, but other 8 have no faces
Or maybe too many to recall, like that brotherhood of the team
That week I was crushed, declined application, the end it seemed
At one point I had a Coast Guard dream
Time spent overseas
That day I learned my place
Dodge ball, during 3rd grade recess
Bottles being thrown New Year's 2000 in Paris
That stampede that followed and the police
The summers spent with a friend, I don't now know
Being trusted to just go, go, go

In school I reminisce over projects, I became Johnny Trumane
I wrote a series of books about a bird, I forget the name
There was that assignment to map the school
That group challenged my primary leadership tools
Before the internet, before creating links forever
There are so many names I don't remember

Teachers did mean a lot to me, I don't want to forget
My point is experiences more than people, my memory dominate
I think we put too much pressure on who we are as individuals
When the pressure should be on creating lasting memories and rituals
Your students may not remember your spelling
But they can certainly remember that year, that moment eternal
Your a tour guide on a bus, maybe Disney at night
Hold a handle bar and show them the sights
Just acknowledge, you are not the show
It is about what you do, not what you know
You bring your style, you bring your voice, your lessons need traction
But mile after mile, let them rejoice, your ideas should bring the reactions
If you create an experience for students, they will always remember your influence.
Not because of who you were, but because of what you did, growth continuous

BPM - 125 "Rich...." J. Cole

As a profession why do educators through socially media feel a need to call themselves superheroes, gladiators, rockstars, etc.  I don't see other professions with this same self-branding.  I know many people in other professions and their acknowledgement of the sacrifices we make is tremendous.  I hear all the time, "I could never do that," and "You probably really are making a difference." 

I wonder than, at least through social media, why do we need to continuously name ourselves something?  Do you feel disrespected, is it a sense of wanting to feel like an underdog at all times needing to fight an invisible opponent.  This then helps and allows us to bring a passion to our work that is not the same as other jobs. 

Are we self-conscious, self-doubting our influence, maybe we feel like our work will be forgotten or dismissed?  At the end of it all, will anyone write us a letter thanking us for our work and service.  If I have a retirement party, will anyone show up.  Can I be replaced and forgotten by the time snow hits the next year?  At the physical basic level we aren't "producing" anything.  We can't at the end of the day say we necessarily "fixed" anything.  Our ability to show growth is so incremental and has so many factors, that it is almost impossible to have really good consistent measurements. 

What do we have to show for all of our hard work?  When the year is over, the students move on, they might never acknowledge you again.  You will probably not know or hear about 90% of your students after they leave you.  Matter of fact, you probably only hear about the poles.  The ones that are doing great and the ones that make tons of mistakes. 

What if our students don't remember us as individuals?  Isn't the point to be remember for the change, the growth, for the setting up a human being with an advantage or catching them up to be successful. 

I am just expressing feelings others may have.  I may have some of them as well and they probably come and go.  I do think, as I am in my 17th year in education, I am more and more passionate.  I am also realizing that we are all forgotten, but I am okay with that.  I am okay with knowing I was a cog in a massive wheel of humanity.  I am okay with my contributions up to this point, my influence over all the younger people I have known.  I am going to continue to be okay as I move into the second half of my life.  I am going to be okay with not giving myself a label that I need to live up to.  I am going to be okay with students that forget me, parents that don't necessarily like me, staff that question me, and anything and everything in between. 

I am not a superhero, I am not a gladiator, I am not a rockstar, I am not doing impossible things.  I am Doug Timm, a principal, a caring principal, a hard working principal.  Just like if I was Doug Timm the tax adjuster. 

My point is that my chosen profession defines how I feel and what I do, but no label will define who I am. 

My only straight A's in school ever:  6th grade first marking period.  Remark 17 is "demonstrates inconsistent effort"  That is the Doug Timm I strive "not to be."  I want to be consistent, at the minimum, I owe myself and others around me at least that. 

My 2 people in my top ten gave me these 2 pieces of advise that I remember all the time:

"The only conversations really worth having, involve students and our future"


"You have to live now, so that when you are old like me, you will have something to remember"

Monday, December 11, 2017


My 100 words... Well plus 1.  Sorry!

Not usually my thing, but liked the challenge! 

My 100 words, I don't want to waste 
Not a teacher, but I educate
Asked once what to do in retiring
Work with kids, there is no ending
Yearning to learning, longing to help
Live on the feeling, this is all I have felt
Good days and bad, we don't win them all
Can never replace a feeling of fall
New beginning, each and every year
Every day I walk in classes and halls
People counting on me big and small
Energy from the building, 
Tears and chuckles, 
If they all could see
I need them more than they need me

Thanks to Justin Schleider who turned me on to the original challenge posted by Jesse Boyce and taken up by Dene Gainey.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Creating Part 2

To write or not,
The white page with the black letters
Never thought I would be at like 50 poems in, still wondering
Pondering the reason, the needing, creating, even if this one has no true meaning
Keyboarding, never with the pencil and pad, notes all in the revisionist tab
Read through drafts, have more than some, they look good
Just not ready, just not feeling
Hoping we don't lose the internet of things
For it would be lost forever in web space
Okay with that, as this is the release, the moment
Not doing this to document, but to keep me honest, while trusting the process
Believer in thinking, having thoughts, and creating
Pushes my heart, my life, towards that higher rating