Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Quality Over Quantity

I see so many go short form
The norm can not become
It can't reform, quality can't mourn
Quantity seems to be the taste
Waste, your now 280, your who cares
You pay six for a thousand likes
You grab the empty mic, the drop
You lost, you quit, you fell
Smell it a mile away
A steady stream, I go to dream
Upset that educators have fallen for the gleam
Come back to the team, the ones that matter
Sadder, for not helping him or her
Worried about next, next 10 years
Not next 10 hours, your power is
Without a doubt the local smiles and tears
Find your purpose, not a roadmap
Create, evaluate your spot, like I said
It is not always about a mic drop
Put it down slow, take some time
Think, make it count, hesitate
To regurgitate, without a regulate
Only negates your ability to dream
Your means, like the OZ man made of tin
Without substance no one wins

BPM 123 "Good Old Days" (feat. Kesha) - Macklemore, Kesha

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