Friday, June 8, 2018

On the 2017-2018

Don't quite know how to associate
Appreciate beyond understanding

2018 was an ending, 2017 was the beginning
Bringing hope, energy, repeated understanding

Let's be real, this is tough, not rough, at times
Just had enough, the year is a success, ain't mine

Had so many crying, not wanting to leave
Please... love is blind, and Mr. Timm smile

Mile after mile, We love your child
This school, this video, this booboo

We know what to do, we do
Year after year, this is nothing new

Staff, students, and guardians for real
All the meals, 18 classes, 4 specials

Feedback coaching, just 1, she's exceptional
4 squad para in luck, nurse when struck

IEP muck, SPED coordinate, OT relate
Psych, counsel, Reading assist time

Lost FCT, had moment, mentor movement
Worst go to nurse, We are the school to return the purse

Evan's view, Cafeteria Latch team is Ford of menu
Bus and clean up crew, None of this is new

#cddolphins are the the what, the why, the how
Now is the time, listen...
Don't go pushing time, Definition a Black Star
Carrie Downie, bigger than... larger than... Allstar!

Can't post the BPM, wish I could trust myself to put this out there vocally... Still scared... I am a white 40 year old that has loved hip hop since 7 years old..., but it don't sound right....

I love my school though, that is easy!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Accepting, Acceptance, Accepted, the Accept of no need to reflect
That is what that word means. No need to look back, no checking the rearview
Objects are definitely closer than they appear, no fear, It becomes we're
The moment you realize your idea is done, when your not done, just not any more
Realize you need to realize what is your more, your floor, your time to choose the right door

Did not sign up, but never did, change is acceptance at times, not innovative
relative only in only where you sit, your adjust, your trust, your learning, and purpose
This is not a court, not the sort, no argument matters
No statement is material, as it is surreal, acceptance is real

NF hit me with a truth, not understanding content, but feeling, but need to deal
I need to let go, realize acceptance is truth, it is proof, the real magicians poof
I thought I would realize as I got old, I only realize my mold
A one that needs to feel, without that there is no deal, no reason to fear

Remember This - NF - Needs a Listen...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Need to Create

Sometimes to create you have to give up to gain
Like rain keeping you inside to allow growth
Something you know and need to get out
Head in knots, disorganized it is not

A purpose to create share and forfeit
Often thought as soft, finding the time
All by design, with the goal of sharing
Creation is key to one’s passion, their heart

Not regurgitate, basically an inside look
Not considered work, beyond your body
Needing nobody, inner dive into your feel
Open the seal, gratification to create your own book

Something for others’ to enjoy, inner self demands
Allow discovery within your inherent remains
Pull the plug, pure stuff, allow it to blow you up Belief to create makes you woman and man

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Fork In The Road - Went Both Ways....

Moments in time when you appear to lose your way
Moments when you can't remember what you're meant to do today

Realizing, the feeling, anxiety creeping, needing reality feeding
Your impending, challenging by your own indecision, nervous twitching

Just breathing, give me meaning, forgiving my own limitations
Sensing the beginning of the ending, leveraging, meandering

Lacking the exciting, the driving, forcing, enabling
Wondering how to get it back, sensing and affirming

Off the bank of cognitivity, off rhyming with ING
Monotony of Monday until the relief of Friday

How do you get back the groove you felt?
How do you get back the sensation of advance?
How do you get back the idea of growth?
How do you get back to what you once wrote?

When have you have fallen off
When you don't know what you lost

I realized more than ever lately that my naivety I can not take lightly
While at the same time realizing my longevity, although lengthy
Ultimately expires with little in terms of my obituary
Which I want to be read this way
"He cared, although joked constantly, he believed in people, kids, and family"

All three are important, especially in my line of work.
I am so sick of reading posts about "You may be the only one in this kids life that cares..."
NO YOU ARE NOT! Why do you say, how do you dare...

Those that make those statements live in a privilege of thinking themselves too much
You may be an important and maybe top candidate for caring
But in the draft of life, child picks family over educator every time
Even in a not so great environment place, recognize your influence
You are a chapter, like my time with Napster, you help them gather
Forever thankful, but not the beginning, middle, end.

I don't state this to hate, but hopefully send a message
Recognize, you need to understandably know your role

Your flow, directly reflects your ability to advocate, negotiate
Mediate, the love to educate, needs to be different than that to liberate
Know your influence has importance, a consequence, repercussions, and signifigance

But you are not the only one, there is always someone else.
Just be real, even in the saddest eyes you see, empathy

This is okay, it is the way it should be, you are a cog in the wheel
I hear Maslowe before Bloom's and I do 100% agree
But you can't take on the role of everything, there are too many needs
It would be better to find, guide, and work with what they bring
Reach out, understand and support, help direct them, allow them to sing

This being said, I love the "best principal" ever card, posters and pictures that line my walls
I need to understand in my fork in the road, that I am a believer in kids, not their everything bestowed
I need to understand that I am not changing the world every day with every kid.
I need to understand a quote, a speech from me is wasted, it depends on what they see and what we do.

Hologramz - The whole album esp. "Speeding" - Hex One, 5th Element - AVG 92 BPM

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Why when I create it takes so much time
The dime is not a deal and not the corporate line
Two steps forward one step back
I want to be talented, jump on Lin-Manuel's Miranda
Spoken word to the one's and two's, what I do

I did not knew, nor know, what this leads too
Me three, four, five and six post, mix, still a fix
Netflix for comedy, remix, repeat, neat I wish
On repeat, sweet, just a tweet, I am beat

Create, got me feening, needing, creating
Patterns mnemonic, I rhythmically stole it
I need to find the space, my plate, no microwave
My attempt, not brave, to rhyme to be creative.

 - Credits to "Dinner Time" Go find it, not a regular play or what you search.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Repost to the point...

When dealing with a child you work with anger, frustration, unexplained sadness, etc. don't worry so much about the "why" in the moment.  For kids you work with examining that "why" will probably lead to more frustration and questions.  Concentrate on the "what" and skills of recovery.  These are but not limited to acknowledgement, admittance, reflection on behavior not "why", restitution (if needed), game planning, and practice of some sort.  Practice can be as simple as repeating a few steps over and over.

It is certainly not a one stop shop of fixing negative emotions, and for many, there may never be a true fix.  Sometimes it is management and preserving longevity.  How do you keep your car running longer?  Keep up on maintenance.  It may never be as good as the day it came off the lot, but it can still look good, and sound good, many years later if you take care of it.

On a side note I think working with your own "why" as it relates to your emotions, can be helpful, but you are also in your own head all day.  It is much more convenient.      

Here is the full post -

Thursday, March 15, 2018

You Have 5 Minutes!

You have 5 minutes!  You have 5 minutes!

What can I get done, probably a little, not much, just enough
When you have 5 minutes, managing it can be really tough
Call that parent, send that quick email, enter one more data piece
Shuffle some papers, check your mail, write a to-do list at least

Maybe what you should do with that 5 minutes before "go"
Is thank yourself by just saying "no"
Don't rush to do in 5 what should take 10
Just use the bathroom, a drink of water, a quick laugh with a friend

I need to learn from my own words right here
I should not be afraid of the 5 minute spaces this year
Look to create more of them it might be healthy
Who am I kidding! I now only have 2 minutes and no coffee!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thanking your negative feelings and maybe applications for dealing with kids

I have been listening to a podcast, done a little reading, and researched a bit about the ideas from Jack Kornfield.  He trained as a Buddhist monk in the monasteries of Thailand, and most impressively spent 500 days in basic silence.  I think I would struggle with 500 minutes, unless I was sleeping, and even then... Here is a website to give you some ideas of something he founded, he has also written at least 5 books.           

Here is one of the major concepts I pulled out of what I have looked into.  This is basic, but has been significant for me in dealing with inner feelings.

Make sure to "thank" what you might perceive to be your most negative feelings and actions.  For example when you are calm, make sure to "thank" your anger.  When you are calm, make sure to "thank" your frustration.  It only takes a minute.  It is not justifying those emotions, as they may have been misguided, but will allow you to understand them more deeply and approach them from a different angle.

Here is an example:  You got into an argument with a loved one, you went into a depressive state for a period of time.  This could be minutes or days depending on the level of the argument.  There is certainly relationship repairing that needs to happen between the two of you, but there is also repairing of your inner self, that is not dependent at all on the other person.

Your feeling of anger or frustration and then possibly depression or anxiety are not dependent on anyone else.  If you "thank" that feeling and except that it is not only natural, but at times a needed defense mechanism that you have built up to prevent you from being hurt, then you can deal with it.

So what does this look like after this symbolic "thanking"?  That is the hard question, and I think Jack would say there are many ways and is really dependent on the individual.  The important part is to have that acknowledgement without negative self-talk.  By thanking, you are acknowledging with a more positive spin on your emotions.  It starts you off on the path of recovery, back to a normal state, in a much better place. 

How could understanding this relate to school?

We all have encountered an angry, sad, frustrated, etc. child.  We often default to "why" when we could default to, "It happened... what occurred and what are we going to do now" (what are those steps?)  I don't know that children would understand the idea of "thanking" emotions as they might see that as justifying their behavior.  The intent is not to justify, but to mitigate and grow.  Through a different approach, we can get kids to think about "steps" and ways to recover, acknowledge, and improve.

The "why" with kids is sometimes so difficult, deep-rooted, and confusing that it may never be understood within the setting of a school.  We don't have the resources, time, training, and in many cases background information to truly understand every angry or frustrated "why" of students.  When they get frustrated, their defense mechanism may go to a subconscious feeling of neglect when they were a baby, or some sort of abuse from a loved one.  We can't even begin to understand many of our student's "why's" no matter how great a relationship we have with them.

We as professionals can discuss possible "why's" as a way justify for ourselves and build some compassion and empathy.  This may help establish a set of thinking between adults working with the same child, but won't necessarily help them moving forward.  I would also argue that searching for the "why" about students with consistent and constant behavioral outbursts only leads to frustration and resentment with adults.  We internally put our own experiences on them, or see it as, "this worked for me or this other kid, it should apply here."  Examining this would be a much longer and deeper idea than my point here, so I will sum it up with this.

When dealing with a child you work with anger, frustration, unexplained sadness, etc. don't worry so much about the "why" in the moment.  For kids you work with examining that "why" will probably lead to more frustration and questions.  Concentrate on the "what" and skills of recovery.  These are but not limited to acknowledgement, admittance, reflection on behavior not "why", restitution (if needed), game planning, and practice of some sort.  Practice can be as simple as repeating a few steps over and over.

It is certainly not a one stop shop of fixing negative emotions, and for many, there may never be a true fix.  Sometimes it is management and preserving longevity.  How do you keep your car running longer?  Keep up on maintenance.  It may never be as good as the day it came off the lot, but it can still look good, and sound good, many years later if you take care of it.

On a side note I think working with your own "why" as it relates to your emotions, can be helpful, but you are also in your own head all day.  It is much more convenient.     

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Your role in relationships

I have written about relationships before. Relationships with staff, relationships with students, and relationships with parents.  They are all important, but I think the most important relationships are those between students and each other. 

I have seen the quotes and saying that go something like this;

·      All a student needs is one connection with a teacher to change their life.


·      A relationship with a student can change their life forever.

I think on the surface and in theory this sounds fine, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that message.  But in reality, it is an overly narrow approach to your role. It puts you in the role of the hero, the one that is needed beyond all others.  It implies to an extent that if you can not connect with that particular kid you have failed them.  We aren't all able to connect with all kids, no matter how hard we try.  

I would say that although the relationship between educator and student is super important and not much can be done without it, cultivating relationships amongst students is even more important.  It is not as glamorous though.  

Your ability to establish a culture in your building and classroom that promotes relationships between students is a testament to your ability to run a safe and healthy school. 

Every kid needs a friend.  At least one.  Not having friends leads to resentment, which then leads to all sorts of things.

So when you are thinking about working to build relationships with students, remember you are only going to be with them for a short period of time.  Their classmates potentially, could be with them for years. 

Think not what I can do for them, but how you can help them do for them.  You can have a major influence to promote and cultivate this. 

The greatest way I have found success as a principal has been finding a common task, game, or goal and allowing students to work together with my supervision and questioning to get them to open up.  Much of their day is scripted in many ways for them.  Or if not scripted like recess or lunch may be without an adult immediately present.  When we have unscripted time, which is all my time with kids, find some commonalities and build on them.  

Saturday, February 10, 2018

#edubabble 8 - To quote or not to quote

Just watch the video.  The voice inflection is important. 

Flamboyent - BIg L
The Sun God - Hi-Tek, Common, Vinia Mojica
B-Boy Document - The High and Mighty, Mos Def, Mad Skillz

Friday, February 2, 2018

What one win can do...

I have always been a four for four guy with Philadelphia sports.  Well there was that early 90's love of the Oakland A's, but even then the Phillies were my number 1.  I remember where I was when Allen Iverson Stepped over Tyronn Lue.  I remember where I was when the Flyers came back from 0-3 against the Bruins.  I remember where I was when the Phillies won in 2008.  I remember Mike Schmidt's 500, Barkley fighting Shaq, and the sadness of seeing Lindros with another concussion.  All that being said, there has always been one above all other four.

Each Sunday was and still is sacred.  I may not be able to watch every game, but I have listened on the radio, or in the past few years avoided all media, because I recorded the game.  Even when Doug Pederson was the quarterback I watched.  I prefer to watch alone. I don't really get into talking strategy or match-ups throughout the week.  I have only been to one game in person on purpose.  I have a special relationship with each of the players, although I also know this is silly.  My favorite of all time is Andre Waters, but if you ask me, I will tell you Brian Dawkins.  My favorite lineman was Clyde Simmons, but if you ask me I will say Reggie White.  My favorite players are never who I state, not because I am embarrassed about my choices, but because on some weird level, I don't want to share "my guys".  Which this blogpost is clearly doing! 

I have only ever had a few offensive players in my top 20, which would probably include Duce Staley, Charlie Garner, Randall Cunningham, Fred Barnett, Jason Peters, and maybe one day Carson Wentz (sorry, just too new).  All the rest are defensive players.

I have never really liked any of the coaches except Buddy and now Pederson.  I hated Kotite, I knew Rhodes was a placeholder, Chip was like a one night stand, and I respected Big Red, but never wanted to go have a beer with him.  As far as assistants, I will say Jim Johnson and Ron Harbaugh both have special places in my heart. 

As far upper management.  Lurie... He is steadily growing on me.  He has pushed my needle towards positive recently, so he is trending in the right direction.  Roseman has shown me a lot lately, definitely trending positive.  I am probably one of the few people that liked Joe Banner, but Tom Heckert never really did anything for me.  I don't remember much before these regimes, when it comes to upper level management without doing research.  Which for this post, I have done none.

All that being said, which was probably too much, leaves me with

"What one win can do..."

One win on Sunday will justify all the time and emotions dedicated to this team over the years.  It will solidify the notion that a community winning is a healthy community.  It will prove that although I am definitely an Eagles pessimist all the time, I will have a moment of celebration... I have to think about that.  Not just for 6 days after a win, but for months, maybe years of feeling celebration.   

It will also not allow me to complain constantly.  It will not allow me to say, "but" "I am scared" "I just don't know" and many other things as it relates to how I talk about my beloved team.  It won't allow me to growl at the TV for a while, or say %$&*^% when they go 3 and out again next season.  I will have to admit we finally won a Super Bowl!  

I want to win, but as a true Eagles fan I am really scared I won't know how to deal with it.  I won't know how to say "we are Super Bowl Champions"!  I won't believe it, I definitely won't say "Super Bowl Champions" too much, as it might change the already decided outcome.  

I am currently too confident, I know this... It worries me.  I need to be worried.  I need to be nervous, I need to doubt my team.  This is how I have been raised as an Eagles fan.  My anxiety is if we win, I won't know how to react.  I am afraid of losing my/our identity.

I don't want to lose, I am just panicked and shaken, that with a win, I won't know how to be an Eagles fan anymore.... 

Guess I will have to figure it out... Like I said, I think we are going to win! 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Okay with less than 100%

There is a lot of talk about educators as superhero's, champions, and fixer of all things.  I think the idea that we are wonderful, dedicated, passionate people is wonderful and needed as our profession is so hard.  We also don't need this undo pressure and standard that is impossible to uphold. 

Personally I don't want to be a superhero, champion of children, or fixer of all things.  That is a lot of pressure.  I want to be known as a person that comes to work every day with my 100% best that I can provide that day.  If I am sick, that 100% may appear less, if I am tired, that 100% may appear less, if I am stressed with other things, that 100% may appear less.  If I am simply in a funk, that 100% may appear less.  A funk as I define it is a feeling of being "off" without a dedicated known reason.   

I want to have more healthy, wide awake, and stress free 100% days than not.  I have control over much of this and some I don't.  I need to be okay with the idea that I left my cape at home on certain days.  I need to be okay, that some things actually bother me.  I need to be okay that I will disagree with others and others will disagree with me.  I need to be okay that there will be days when everyone is finally home, I feel like I lost. 

If I can't be okay with less than 100% or feeling like I lost, then I will never really appreciate when I feel 100% or feel like I win.  I want my wins and my true 100% days to be my drive and motivation.  I won't be able to do that if I can't accept reality and undo pressure we put on each other and ourselves.     

Saturday, January 20, 2018

To block or not to block...

To bock or not to block, that is the question
Recognition of a thought, I have only gone
To that setting with bots and one guy against the nation

Just saying, to me it means you don't care, you only trick no treat
You need it to be about you, only attention, no reflection
No other mention, recognition, it is what it is, and "best"
Are overused statements, but whatever, the pun is next

I am welcome to all, I don't deserve anything, sorry for the ruffle
Feedback on twitter is harder than finding truffles,
It's muffled, between the Roots, Thoughts, not black
Just interested for a tweet back

Here is what would have been said, if not for the 280
Lately, it is disgusting the amount of consensus
The obvious, the relentless evidence of nonsense

I want to engage, but how do you with this:
Treat all as if, the if, is the as, of the relationship
Or my personal favorite genre of the minute
The time ya, the moment, quotes are infinite
I do it for, I don't stop until, I opportunity create

What if you talk about the trouble, the times
The hour you spent, not positive, but you survived
What if you spoke to self, and did not speak to the masses
Wealth in how you convey, how you feel, real issues

Not what you think will get likes, what you may pay to promote?
You signed a contract, not to be paid, the day you decided to educate
Retire, do your thing, bring in the green, but any time spent away
Is not what they deserved, by our kids, as you've claimed it

Don't tell me your day to day is not affected by your pages
Your hashtag, your site, your images
Just don't convince others that kids are only it
We are all important, something not to forget

Thursday, January 11, 2018

They way you talk to boys vs. girls

Try this approach the next time you talk to boys and girls in your class or your school.  I have had thousands of one on one conversations with kids, I try to do this whenever I can.

Use this approach when you are trying to find something out, they seem off, they need to share, calm down, get back on track, etc. Not necessarily if you are delivering consequences, that is slightly different. 

I have used these different approaches a lot in my years, I think I have seen some great benefits.

For boys:  Talk while sitting or walking next to them, side by side, shoulder to shoulder.

For girls: Talk while sitting face to face with them.

For boys: If you can find an activity to do together, even better, if possible, if not just be next to them. If you are or need to be face to face, give them something to play with in their hands.

For girls: Listen a lot and look at them in the eye. Ask them how they feel and what can you do to help them?

For boys: Tell them what you might think, if they don't open up right away.  Asking them what is bothering them or how they feel, will probably initially get you no where.   Let them agree or disagree with what you think, and take it from there.

I am not saying that you can never sit face to face with boys, sometimes it is necessary, especially when delivering consequences, but use the side by side approach whenever possible. I am also not saying never walk with girls or sit next to them, but when you can, sit face to face.  There are also always exceptions, you need to know your students for these. 

It is simple, but I have found it really helps make boys and girls more comfortable with the conversation.

Forcing a boy to stare at you when you talk will immediately make them withdraw.

Not facing a girl and not looking at them will immediately make them feel you don't care.

Give it a shot, what is the worst that can happen?