Thursday, March 29, 2018


Why when I create it takes so much time
The dime is not a deal and not the corporate line
Two steps forward one step back
I want to be talented, jump on Lin-Manuel's Miranda
Spoken word to the one's and two's, what I do

I did not knew, nor know, what this leads too
Me three, four, five and six post, mix, still a fix
Netflix for comedy, remix, repeat, neat I wish
On repeat, sweet, just a tweet, I am beat

Create, got me feening, needing, creating
Patterns mnemonic, I rhythmically stole it
I need to find the space, my plate, no microwave
My attempt, not brave, to rhyme to be creative.

 - Credits to "Dinner Time" Go find it, not a regular play or what you search.

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