Thursday, March 15, 2018

You Have 5 Minutes!

You have 5 minutes!  You have 5 minutes!

What can I get done, probably a little, not much, just enough
When you have 5 minutes, managing it can be really tough
Call that parent, send that quick email, enter one more data piece
Shuffle some papers, check your mail, write a to-do list at least

Maybe what you should do with that 5 minutes before "go"
Is thank yourself by just saying "no"
Don't rush to do in 5 what should take 10
Just use the bathroom, a drink of water, a quick laugh with a friend

I need to learn from my own words right here
I should not be afraid of the 5 minute spaces this year
Look to create more of them it might be healthy
Who am I kidding! I now only have 2 minutes and no coffee!

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