Thursday, April 19, 2018


Accepting, Acceptance, Accepted, the Accept of no need to reflect
That is what that word means. No need to look back, no checking the rearview
Objects are definitely closer than they appear, no fear, It becomes we're
The moment you realize your idea is done, when your not done, just not any more
Realize you need to realize what is your more, your floor, your time to choose the right door

Did not sign up, but never did, change is acceptance at times, not innovative
relative only in only where you sit, your adjust, your trust, your learning, and purpose
This is not a court, not the sort, no argument matters
No statement is material, as it is surreal, acceptance is real

NF hit me with a truth, not understanding content, but feeling, but need to deal
I need to let go, realize acceptance is truth, it is proof, the real magicians poof
I thought I would realize as I got old, I only realize my mold
A one that needs to feel, without that there is no deal, no reason to fear

Remember This - NF - Needs a Listen...

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