Friday, June 8, 2018

On the 2017-2018

Don't quite know how to associate
Appreciate beyond understanding

2018 was an ending, 2017 was the beginning
Bringing hope, energy, repeated understanding

Let's be real, this is tough, not rough, at times
Just had enough, the year is a success, ain't mine

Had so many crying, not wanting to leave
Please... love is blind, and Mr. Timm smile

Mile after mile, We love your child
This school, this video, this booboo

We know what to do, we do
Year after year, this is nothing new

Staff, students, and guardians for real
All the meals, 18 classes, 4 specials

Feedback coaching, just 1, she's exceptional
4 squad para in luck, nurse when struck

IEP muck, SPED coordinate, OT relate
Psych, counsel, Reading assist time

Lost FCT, had moment, mentor movement
Worst go to nurse, We are the school to return the purse

Evan's view, Cafeteria Latch team is Ford of menu
Bus and clean up crew, None of this is new

#cddolphins are the the what, the why, the how
Now is the time, listen...
Don't go pushing time, Definition a Black Star
Carrie Downie, bigger than... larger than... Allstar!

Can't post the BPM, wish I could trust myself to put this out there vocally... Still scared... I am a white 40 year old that has loved hip hop since 7 years old..., but it don't sound right....

I love my school though, that is easy!

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